Administrative Tribunal Automation System (ATAS)

Background Information: The Administrative Tribunal conducts approximately 50,000 hearings per year for the following types of violations: health, food service establishments, pest control, daycare / day camps, swimming pools / saunas, radiological health, radioactive materials, asbestos, mold, fumes, ventilation, animal affairs, cigarette vending machines, lead, window guards, Smoke Free Air Act, city and state codes, and state public health laws.

The specific services provided by the Tribunal to the department and the public are:

  • Docketing of cases for hearing
  • Scheduling and adjournment of hearings
  • Adjudications
  • Managing case folders, including all documents needed and relevant to adjudicate health law violations
  • Timely collection of all fines

This project is intended to automate the current Tribunal process, which involves paper, manual process and business needs built around main frame system.   

The Obstacles: The system implementations deadline was forced by the mandatory regulation changes. The users for the system had limited computer knowledge which meant the design and user interface were a prime concern. Training to the users was a major task as part of the project plan.

How GCOM Assisted: GCOM’s Project Manager developed a very robust project plan and maintained continuous alignment of program scope with strategic business objectives by keeping all stakeholders involved. The GCOM team participated in project management meetings with the client throughout the life-cycle of the project to review project task work scopes, scheduling logic, timelines and deliverables. Additionally, GCOM recommended multiple phase delivery to sync with various contract cycle and program needs. GCOM met all project deliverables and delivered all products and services on time. GCOM assisted the client’s program management team in managing PMO activities, change management activities, integration testing, performance testing, trainings and identifying improvements to system integrations deliverables. GCOM developed interactive web based training program for end users.

End Results: The many problems such as inefficiency, unnecessary complexity and delay were addressed in other jurisdictions by moving to a more coordinated system. Key features of the system included:

  • Access to any appeal within the tribunal system.
  • Access to any appeal or judicial review in the court system.
  • Access to other dispute resolution services available.


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