Business & Professional Licensing

In the competition amongst State and Local Communities to attract and retain business that promotes job growth and local economic activity, your business and professional licensing portals is one of those first impressions prospective employers have of your community.  Are regulatory and licensing requirements well-articulated and easy to understand with confidence?  Is there one or many applications to initiate business services?  Does your business start-up wizard include state and local requirements?  Are in-flight licensing requests easy to complete and business process automated?  Is there a robust, unified self-service portal for business and professional to see the status of their license request and interact with local agencies to complete missing application requirements?  Does your licensing system integrate with your compliance and inspection systems offering constituents and inspectors the data and information they want, when they want it and on a devise of their choosing?

GCOM is a leading implementer of Enterprise Licensing, Permitting and Compliance Solutions.  We have experience with moving local and state government agencies from paper based licensing processes to automated licensing and compliance solutions.  In addition, we have worked with agencies on complex enterprise licensing modernization projects with numerous legacy systems consolidated into one agency, municipal, or statewide enterprise licensing system.  GCOM works with several COTS eGovernment Platforms and can assist you from your initial enterprise strategy planning through system implementation.  


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