Criminal Record Repository & Message Switch (CRRMS)


GCOM’s Criminal Record Repository & Message Switch (CRRMS) product is state-of-the-art, all-encompassing enterprise Computerized Criminal History Record Management System. CRRMS is built on cross cutting technology to handle sequence of events in Criminal Justice Systems. Moreover, it can be configured and customized to fulfill the specific requirements of any Law Enforcement Agency. CRRMS is equipped to handle the entire Criminal Cycle including Fingerprint services, Arrest processing, Disposition, Correction, Parole, Probation, Applicant Processing, Inquiry and Rap Sheet processing. With advanced InBox, Workflow and Notification services, CRRMS insures your agency never misses any key updates. All these modules on top of a robust Auditing and Reporting system ensure that accountability is not compromised at any level of service.


Key Considerations

Being CJIS and NIEM compliant and because of our inbuilt proprietor message suites, CRRMS can communicate with State and Federal message switches.  The suite is one or more services which are responsible for sending and receiving messages from national systems FBI, NCIC, III and NLETS.


Key Modules

 Uploaded Image: /uploads/crrms/Features.png

Key Features

  • Merge – Unmerge Similar Records
  • Suspense Record Management
  • Record Modification
  • Statute Lookup
  • State Agency Lookup
  • Reusable UI Components
  • Person Composite Component
  • Coded Values and Code to Description Convertor


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