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Epidemiology Data Scientist: NYC

Due Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 2017 12:00 PM

Job Title:
Epidemiology Data Scientist


Scheduled Work Hours:
Full Time - TBD

Service Scope:
Data Scientist for Epidemiology will play a pivotal role in the following:
• Understanding existing statistical workflow and models in SAS, SAS-callable-SUDAAN
• Porting existing SAS/SUDAANworkflowand models to R
• Building statistical tools using R and Tableau
• Provide inputs to the development team for the following:
o Intuitive and interactive data visualization (e.g. Tableau)
o Multiple health indicatorsand survey resultsacrossmultiple demographic stratifications.

Data Scientist will engage with the epidemiologists and data analysts in the client organization to understand the variety of survey, disease surveillance, administrative and other data sources and their analysis and dissemination.

1. Establish scope for statistical algorithms
a. Understand requirements (collaborate, brainstorm, recommend approach)
b. Reverse engineer the current statistical models / logic from SAS/SUDAAN code
c. Develop replacement algorithms and deliver advanced analytics in R.
d. Analyze data, run computational experiments, and fine-tune models
2. Collaborate with engagement leads on data preparation and analytical insights
3. Collaborate with Tableau developer to integrate R
4. Liaise with the business on an as-needed basis
5. Lead research of new data sciences techniques, approaches and simulation

Mandatory Skills:
1. An MS or higher in a quantitative field such as epidemiology, mathematics, or statistics.
2. Experience working with survey data, epidemiology/health data for 5+ years
3. Full project and software development life cycle experience

Desired Skills:
1. Analysis and visualization of weighted survey data
2. Software engineering
3. SAS, SAS-callable SUDAAN,R, and Stata modeling skills for hypothesis testing and analytics
4. Experience analyzing complex survey data
5. Experience working with epidemiology or other health data
6. Experience in visualization platforms, e.g. Tableau
7. Strong quantitative and statistical background
8. Strong communications skills

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