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Software Architect: 335 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Due Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 10:00 PM

Job Title:
Software Architect

335 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Scheduled Work Hours:
Part Time - TBD

Service Scope:
• Develops High-level design choices, re-enforces technical standards, works with application development in developing coding standards, selects developments tools and platforms.
• Develops project architecture and reusable components for Advance/APPR platform.
• Develops and implements phases of the computerized system development life cycle, including conceptual design, software development, testing, deployment, and post-implementation enhancements of applications utilizing Visual Studio .Net with SQL Server for data management and Active Directory for identity management, in accordance with Department of Education standards.
• Analyze requirements and data access needs and propose file and screen designs. Deploys the applications to multiple environments, from development through Quality Assurance, Staging and Production, and conduct unit and integration testing.
• Design and develop complex user interfaces using ASP.Net & Kendo/Telerik controls.
• Designs database tables utilizing import or export data from SQL Servers into other data sources on a daily basis through the development and coding of stored procedures and triggers, as needed.
• Utilizes Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) for source control, data collection, reporting and project tracking, testing and collaboration of project development.
• Develops SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages and Web Services.
• Codes new objects (programs) in .net to meet the requirements of the Department of Education.
• Conducts user acceptance review sessions and collaborates with other team members to perform debugging.

Mandatory Skills:
Software Architect:
Makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including software coding standards, tools, and platforms. Designs multi-leveled architecture or component interactions of a large scale software system.

Expert 84+ Months:
Candidate is able to provide guidance to large teams and/or has extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.

Desired Skills:
- 84 months of experience in developing web application using software development life cycle.
- 24 months experience in leading a development team during the development process.
- 12 months of experience in transactional and dimensional database design.
- 12 months of experience in designing Object oriented programs and System Analysis Skills.
- 24 months of experience in developing stored procedures that interface with SQL Server.
- 36 months of experience designing and developing Web applications using VISUAL STUDIO.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Telerik, XML, HTML, VB.NET, C#.NET, MVC, SQL Server 2012/2016, Internet Security.
- 24 months of experience on Team Foundation Server, .Net framework and .NET core Active Directory, LDAP , Cognos reporting knowledge.
- 12 months of experience in developing and supporting multiple projects at given time.
- Bachelor’s Degree
- Any Microsoft or similar developer certificate

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