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Network Administrator: Glen Burnie, Maryland

Due Date:
Saturday, December 31, 2022 1:00 PM

Job Title:
Network Administrator

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Scheduled Work Hours:
Full Time - TBD

Service Scope:
Duties: Performs a variety of network management functions related to the operation, performance or availability of data communications networks. Experience with cable/LAN meters, protocol analyzers, SNMF' and RMON based software products. Knowledge of Ethernet, FDDI and high speed WANs and routers. Analyze client LANs/WANs, isolate source of problems, and recommend reconfiguration and implementation of new network hardware to increase performance. Advanced knowledge of network operating systems. Modifies command language programs, network start up files, assigns/reassigns network device logicals, participates in load balancing efforts throughout the network to achieve optimum device utilization and performance. Establishes new user accounts on the network granting access to required network files and programs. Manages network Email functions. Establishes mailboxes and monitors mail performance on the network. Troubleshoots network/user problems, presents resolutions for implementation. Prepares a variety of network resource reports.

Mandatory Skills:
VCP certification
Education and other Requirements: An Associate's degree from an accredited college or university in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering or a related field, or two (2) years of college or university study in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering or a related field. If applicable, should be certified as a network administrator for a specific network operating system as defined in the State task request. Certification criteria is determined by the network operating system vendor. Two (2) additional years of specialized experience may be substituted for the required education.

General Experience: Two (2) years of experience in a computer-related field.

Specialized Experience: One (1) year of experience in one or more of the following areas: data communications engineering, data communications hardware or software analysis, network administration or management, data communications equipment installation and maintenance, or computer systems administration and management.

Have familiarity with and be able to manage

UEM 7.6 user environment manager
log insight
Duo two factor authentication
inserting CA certs in Horizon UAG
SRM - site recovery manager 8.1
AHV -acropolis hypervisor
NOS -nutanix operating system
Prism Central
Prism Element
VMware migration Tool
Nutanix Migration tool
Synology NAS managment

MTA Site has 5 Nutanix Clusters
80+ hosts
4 running ESX-i
1 running AHV
5 Synology storage NAS
2 more clusters incoming will be running ESX-I

Resources submitted for consideration shall possess the knowledge, skills and experience to independently perform the duties and support the hardware, software and examples of work outlined in the scope of work. Offerors responding to this scope of work shall only submit resumes of resources that possess proven experience and knowledge of the TBU required tasks, software and hardware.

• The TO Contractor’s resources shall demonstrate expertise in Microsoft software and network systems, including Windows Server 2003 and higher in their resumes. Said resources must be able to install and properly configure all operating systems.
• Resources submitted shall be certified with foundation ITIL.

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