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GIS SME - SP3: 2 MetroTech Center, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY

Due Date:
Monday, June 1, 2020 2:00 PM

Job Title:

2 MetroTech Center, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY

Scheduled Work Hours:
Full Time - 9 to 5 - 35hrs/wk

Service Scope:
-Develop and manage the GIS integration GIS/CAD design for mapping optimitization.
-Manage and oversee the planning, execution and delivery of geospatial data for NG911.
-Evaluate and Implement the cartographic workflow procedure as a SME for the technical oversight and guidance on the NG911 implementation.
- Ensure the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO) standards
are being met during the implementation of NG911 GIS-CAD integration.
- Develop a sustainable workflow for authorizing and updating map tiles.
- Develop the Scope of work that is to meet the GIS requirements and engineering for the NG911 schedule.
- Track and enforce NG 9-1-1 GIS compliance with industry standards from NENA and APCO, encompassing
the complete workflow from LVF/ECRF creation through call-taking.
-Subject Matter Expert in providing testing and identify risks associated with Geospatial System Integration
-Perform Geospatial transformations and analysis for collaboration with the other NG911 workstreams.

Mandatory Skills:
Minimum 12 years experience in a similar role

Desired Skills:
Knowledgeable in NYC GIS datasets and spatial web services. Highly desired.
Experienced with publishing, maintaining, and working with ArcGIS REST services. Understands ArcSDE and the relational geodatabase model. Highly desired- 3 Years
Experienced with implementation of GIS components of a NG911 system including Location Verification Function (LVF) and Emergency Call Routing Function.Highly desired-3 Years
Knowledgeable of NENA standards pertaining to NG911 GIS functions. Highly desired.
National Emergency Number Association (NENA - 911 Association) Certification

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