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Software Engineer: NYC

Due Date:
Saturday, December 31, 2022 1:00 PM

Job Title:
Software Engineer


Scheduled Work Hours:
Full Time - 9 to 5 - 35hrs/wk

Service Scope:
Provide direct input to the overall engineering process and to team meetings. Must understand system architecture and the software development lifecycle in depth and be able to coordinate several tasks from a team perspective. Coordination within a team environment is essential to work on various aspects of the platform and products, as is a devotion of collaboration to problem solve, design sophistically, and increase product quality.

1. Design and develop solutions to various problems either independently or in a team environment.

2. Design and maintain efficient code that is reliable.

3. Form technical documents such as a design specification document.

4. Utilize NoSQL and relational databases by integrating data storage solutions.

5. Utilize Azure services such as, but not limited to, Functions, Logic Apps, App Services, Containers, Cosmosdb, eventhubs.

6. Utilize messaging patterns (REST, AMQP, Kafka, etc.) for system-to- system communication.

7. Ensure applications are performing at high capacity, responsiveness, and quality.

8. Find solutions to reduce issues and defects.

9. Maintain that the platform's code and data are organized, automated, and of high quality.

10. Guide junior team personnel by recommending software design and development opportunities/best practices.

11. Performs related duties as required.

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