Digital Transformation

The age of the customer no longer just applies to the realm of business.  Today’s citizen expect service at the speed of digital, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days per year.  From digital strategy to execution, we help government agencies develop effortless, seamless, and real-time government to citizen, government to government employee and government to business services that enable convenient, personalized, and effortless multi-channel access to government services.

At GCOM, we use digital technology to help government agencies engage each of their audiences with data-driven messages through experiences that span across channels. Because our services are designed to cover the spectrum—from strategy to enablement to operations—we're able to help you create the experiences, relationships, insights, and delivery that government agencies need to deliver service excellence.

Check out our digital success stories:

  • We delivered a digital sporting license experience that enables citizens, resellers, and government staff to buy and sell government sporting licenses on line with an Amazon experience.
  • We delivered a business express portal solution that enables a concierge like customer experience for corporate citizen looking to start or grow their business.  Our solution features a unified portal to understand applicable state regulatory requirements, a single web based application to apply and/or renew business registrations, licenses and permits, and integrations to multiple back office transaction systems.
  • We have delivered numerous front and back office government licensing and case management systems for state agriculture, environmental, budget, liquor, health and professional licensing agencies.