Federal Information Reporting System (FIRES)

GCOM has extensive experience with the replacement of mission-critical systems in the Justice and Public Safety domain as well as other domains. Over the past ten years, GCOM has been serving the needs of many Criminal Justice and Public Safety agencies. This experience has led to a deep understanding of the complexity associated with implementing a major system. 

GCOM’s NIBRS Product, FIRES, or Federal Incident Reporting System, helps state agencies accept and process the NIBRS submissions from Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s). The product focus area is split into two parts-

  • Incoming Submissions to the State Agency (LEAs to the State Agency): The product implements NIBRS Business Rules as defined by the FBI technical specification v 3.0 on the incident submissions and stores the incidents which passed the edits.
  • Outgoing Submissions to the FBI (State Agency to FBI): This area of product focuses on creating a NIBRS Flat File in the format defined by FBI by consolidating all the incidents details received by the state for a given month. This file is sent to the FBI for reporting the states monthly Crime Statistics.



  • Inbox
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Agency Maintenance
  • Account Management
  • Audit Services

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