Managed Application Services

Over the course of delivering dozens of on premise and cloud technology solutions, GCOM understands that just as important as planning the production implementation and cut-over, is planning for the long term support and management of the technology solution.  Many of clients work with us over the course of the design, development and implementation project to prepare for post-production support operations.  Some of our clients prefer for GCOM to provide post production support services on a subscription basis.  GCOM routinely provides manage application services to assist our clients with an integrated approach to application maintenance, operations and enhancements across the business communications, infrastructure, system maintenance, system operations, vendor management and quality management work streams.  GCOM tailors our post production support services to “fill the gaps” in our clients information technology services organizations.  Tailoring our post production support organization to our client’s actual gaps rather than prescribed service offerings enables GCOM to deliver high quality and cost effective post production support services over short, medium and long term engagements.


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