GCOM Wins Enterprise Transformation Project with Florida Dept. of Agriculture

Albany, New York GCOM Software (GCOM) is pleased to announce that the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has selected GCOM to build a new Regulatory Lifecycle Management System (RLMS), a multi-year, next generation enterprise system.  

FDACS is responsible for a broad range of services and regulatory responsibilities across its Divisions and Offices.  The new RLMS will replace 68 existing systems the department currently uses and consolidate technology platforms.  The new RLMS will provide:

  • a modern, multi-channel customer focused system of engagement for Florida consumers and businesses seeking access to the departments customer and regulatory services.  
  • a modernization and consolidation of 68 existing transactional system supporting licensing, permitting, inspection and compliance functional across the departments program areas into a single, cost effective enterprise technology platform.
  • an analytics solution that will provide business insights and foresights to assist the Department in making timely and actionable decisions that results in better service for Florida consumers and businesses. 

GCOM is a niche system integrator with an industry leading regulatory management system practice providing services to public sector client across the United States.  Joining GCOM to deliver the RLMS Solution includes the following world class partners:

  • Accela, Inc. – an industry leader in designing and delivering productivity and engagement software to help government agencies be their best.  Accela will provide their Accela Civic Platform, the leading regulatory management software platform.
  • Tomorrow Partners – an award-winning design studio helping organizations achieve greater impact through design. 
  • ISC of Florida – a leading system integrator serving public and private sector clients in Tallahassee, Florida.  ISC will be leading the organization change management and system training delivery workstreams. 
  • Genesys, Inc. - the undisputed leader in call center and omni-channel customer engagement technologies.  Genesys will be providing the software infrastructure to enable seamless customer service across web, chat, text and phone.  

“We are honored to be trusted by the State of Florida as business and technology partners to deliver this transformational project.  We believe that the RLMS will represent a new standard of excellence in how regulatory systems can be both a delightful and efficient customer experience while also meeting Florida’s regulatory requirements that are critical to promoting safe, secure and healthly Florida Communities.”  Girish Bhatia, GCOM CEO

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