GCOM is routinely engaged to deliver modernized, services enables systems that transform how state and local agencies deliver constituent and business services.  As a software engineering shop, our solutions are built on modern, scalable, extensible and loosely coupled business and technical services that are platformed on proven open source technology tools.   As a niche system integrator, our clients appreciate our capabilities from program and technical governance to training to organizational change management that helps GCOM deliver turnkey business, technology and people solutions, faster and with less risk. 


From time to time, we recognize opportunities to transfer and/or productize solutions to other state and local agencies.  When we recognize these opportunities, we make research and development investments in such solutions so that become reusable and well documented assets that can be delivered at an exceptional value.  As we take our solutions to market, we stand up customer support and success capabilities to provide economical and highly personalized support services to enable successful implementations and long term customer success.


Today, GCOM has several, proven, product and services market offerings: