Public Safety

Background Information: It all started with one technical architect and a project manager. The goal was simple: to modernize criminal justice systems for one of the top criminal justice systems of our nation. In last 10 years, GCOM has just done that by modernizing several Public Safety systems such as Criminal History System (CHS), DNA, Wanted and Missing Person, Sex Offender Management System (SOMS), Missing Person Alert (Notification) system, RAP Sheet generation and Enterprise Fingerprint Process. GCOM has not only built these systems but also created a foundation for building applications for future systems. The foundation was built using industry standards such as NIEM and open source technology such as (Java, Drools etc.).

The Obstacles: The Legacy systems were on different platforms such as Mainframe, Forte etc. and old protocols. The main challenge was to develop systems without disturbing current operations (NYS, National Systems) as well as bring users from green screens to modern web based systems. The data conversion was also important part as data was stored in the multiple places. Creating one single uniform database was key in success of modernizing these systems.

How GCOM Assisted: GCOM developed workflows which automated most of the manual processes and reduced overall time drastically. To give you an example, the Missing Person Clearing (MPC) is responsible for publishing notification when child(ren) or adult(s) go missing. The old legacy system used to take 2.5 hours end to end to produce notifications.

End Results: GCOM worked with MPC unit to understand their existing business and reengineered business processes and implemented a solution which is user friendly, highly customizable and configurable and most importantly, reduced overall processing time to less than 8.5 minutes. Some of the projects, such as SOMS and CHS, were also finished prior to the given deadline.


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