Public Sector Verticals

Business & Professional Licensing
GCOM is a leading implementer of Enterprise Licensing, Permitting and Compliance Solutions... more »
Public Safety
GCOM has extensive experience with the replacement of mission-critical systems in the Justice and Public Safety domains... more »
Our workforce practice has served unemployment, workforce, disability, and workers’ compensation agencies in the North Eastern United States... more »
Health & Human Services
GCOM works with health and human services agencies to implement services oriented solutions that digitize the delivery of human services benefits to our community’s most vulnerable citizens.... more »
Land Management
GCOM provides proven solutions to help your agency unify data and automate processes across planning, permitting, inspection and code enforcement activities... more »
Environmental Health
GCOM brings robust functional and technical solutions that cover the primary regulatory functions such as permitting, licensing, inspections, compliance, enforcement, fee collections and environment asset monitoring... more »
Recreation & Resource Management
GCOM delivers functional and beautiful Recreation & Resource Management Solutions using leading Cloud and On-Premise Sporting License Platforms.... more »