Web Development

Web-based applications have become the most ubiquitous platform to deliver content, services, and business applications.  GCOM delivers web-based applications using an "all about the business" philosophy.  This philosophy is represented in the following guiding principles:

  • Web applications should be transformative
  • Business understanding should drive the solution
  • Great solutions deliver great business results, not just great code
  • Innovation results from continuous end-user interactions and feedback through the solution lifecycle
  • Prepare for post-production support and operations early and often

To develop and maintain web-based applications, GCOM brings a cross functional team of Business Analysts, Technical Architects, and User Experience Designers backed by a robust, cross functional development and test team fluent with capabilities and experience in many of today’s leading device, browser, technical platforms and tools, and software development platforms.  We tailor our GCOM Execution Methodology (GEM) Agile and Iterative methods to best fit the needs of the client and solution we are tasked to deliver.  The result of our cross disciplinary approach are solutions that align your business strategy with an optimized technology platform and business solution that is targeted for the needs of your unique audience, be it customer, worker, manage or all of the above.

  • Configuration and Customization of leading Commercial off the Shelf Technology (COTS) Solution Platforms
  • Content Management Systems
  • Customer Resource Management Solutions
  • Data Management & Business Intelligence Applications
  • Mobile and Responsive Development
  • System Integration of leading COTS


Click below to see some Success Stories from our portfolio of Web Development projects: