The maintenance of the belt of the replica watch is very important

For replica watches, the strap is the most important part of the look. Bracelets can be easily divided into belts and belts; very important is the maintenance of the belt, and the belt on the right can keep the tape length.

When the lever has an unpleasant smell, use a small toothbrush to quickly clean the dirty area and wipe it with a damp cloth. In order to prevent soapy water from penetrating into the bark, the whole process is preferably completed within 20 seconds.

In addition, consumers can also apply leather oil on the strap replica watches, which can protect the strap for more comprehensive maintenance.

How to solve the problem of heavy belt

When the belt is hard, do not bend the belt and the belt must be replaced in time.

Consumers are advised to walk on the belt in the winter fake rolex watches, and it is easy to stick out in summer or after exercise. If you really want to wear sweat, wear it again to extend the life of the belt.