Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics for State, Local and Federal Government Agencies

GCOM redefines the way our clients do business by leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence for enhanced reporting capabilities. These techniques include machine learning, recommender engines, and natural language processing. Our advanced analytics capabilities are not “add-ons,” but are intrinsic to all of our products and services.

Our approach to solution delivery seamlessly integrates data science with agile development and DevOps, which enables us to progress quickly from analytic insights to business value.

GCOM IRS Case Study

Outcomes Delivered

GCOM has developed risk-scoring models used by the IRS to evaluate more than 100 million tax returns each year. In addition to increasing revenue protection, GCOM’s machine learning models alert stakeholders about newly identified schemes, emerging threats, and other fraud that has evaded existing detection methods.By implementing GCOM’s advanced tax analytics solution, the IRS has prevented more than $10 billion in fraudulent payments. 

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