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How GCOM’s Decentralized Identity Government (DIG) Compares to Existing Digital ID Solutions

Think about the last time you had to provide your driver’s license for a simple transaction – like checking into a hotel. Imagine that you were required to provide not just your license, but your…

June 23, 2022 Piyush Bhatnagar, CISSP, VP, Security Products and Platforms
Three Steps to Modernizing Child Welfare Systems

Perhaps no aspect of health and human services (HHS) is of greater importance than Child Welfare. Every 48 seconds, a child is abused. Children who are vulnerable or abused have varying needs…

June 22, 2022 Amanda Tate, PMP, Senior Director, Health & Human Services, GCOM
Why Self-Sovereign Identity is a Game Changer for Government-Resident Interactions

What is Self-Sovereign Identity? Over the past decade, government agencies have exponentially accelerated their investments in digital government. More and more agencies offer residents and business…

June 07, 2022 The GCOM Team
The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Law Enforcement

The pandemic upended day-to-day life dramatically and law enforcement continues to be on the front lines of that reality. More police services are being delivered remotely and officers are having…

June 06, 2022 Chris Jacoby, Public Safety Practice Lead, GCOM
Chief Data Officers: The Four Superpowers You’ll Need to Be a Rockstar CDO

CxO titles are proliferating, and one that’s earning much-deserved respect is Chief Data Officer (CDO). The role of the CDO is to build the greatest amount of value from an organization’s data assets…

May 23, 2022 Carlos Rivero, VP, Data & Analytics, GCOM
Key Takeaways from the 2022 Florida Digital Government Summit

Last week we attended the Florida Digital Government Summit and had the chance to connect with leadership from agencies across the state. Over the course of the event, several key themes emerged as…

May 18, 2022 GCOM Florida Team
Q&A: How States are Using Data to Drive Better Outcomes for Victims of Human Trafficking

While all states have sought to eliminate human trafficking, the greatest hurdle has long been a lack of reliable, up-to-date information about who’s involved in trafficking, where it’s taking place…

May 12, 2022 The GCOM Team
Creating a Culture of Data Sharing

At a time of heightened political divisions, data sharing across agencies is a critical tool for improving community outcomes and restoring public trust. While the volume of usable data collected by…

May 11, 2022 Richard Nessel, SVP, GCOM
Machine Learning and Government Data Analytics

In the world of government data analytics, machine learning can help government leaders get exponentially more value out of their data. From identifying fraud, waste and abuse to forecasting surges…

May 06, 2022 GCOM Data and Analytics Team
Solving the Disconnect in Public Health Data by Combining Data-Sharing Strategies with Health Analytics Technology

Imagine a Fortune 500 company that’s entering a new market. It gathers and analyzes customer demographics, buying behaviors, competitive intelligence and market trends. Then when its market-entry…

April 22, 2022 Sarah Samis, Vice President Public Health Product & Programs, GCOM
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