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GCOM CEO Kamal Bherwani Sits Down with City & State Magazine

Earlier this year, GCOM’s CEO Kamal Bherwani sat down with Tom Allon from City & State Magazine for a discussion about his experience in the technology industry and GCOM’s approach to…

September 17, 2021 GCOM Leadership
How a Data Trust Drives Effective Data Sharing, Privacy, and Analytics

A growing number of government organizations are exploring data trusts as a foundation for information exchange. They recognize the value in formalizing data sharing relationships to enable…

September 01, 2021 Clarke Allen, Senior Director, Analytics
Building a High-Impact Statewide Response to Substance Use Disorder Begins with Data Sharing

Introduction A landmark settlement between state governments and several large pharmaceutical companies could help states exponentially expand their response to the opioid epidemic. The settlement…

August 20, 2021 Lyd Paull-Flores, Senior Director, Healthcare
A Fresh Approach to Modernizing Legacy Case Management and Combined Eligibility Systems

In the HHS domain, the first large push of modernizing legacy systems began with the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of states’ decisions to use the Federal marketplace or build their own, the…

August 18, 2021 Amanda Tate, PMP, SA | Senior Director, HHS Practice
Why Data Quality Is the Load-Bearing Wall of Your Data Analytics Architecture

If you've ever undertaken a home remodeling project, you’re likely familiar with the importance of load-bearing walls. A load-bearing wall is a structural element that supports the weight of the…

August 12, 2021 Clarke Allen, Senior Director, Analytics
Choosing Right Staff Augmentation Vendor for Government Agencies

When government agencies need the flexibility to scale their teams to support their IT needs, the primary obstacle is finding the right partner. The IT Talent market is tight and flooded with new…

March 11, 2021 Julie Bashant, Director at GCOM Software, LLC
Importance of Modernizing Legacy Applications in the Time of Crisis

During a podcast several months into the pandemic, StateScoop posed the question: "Will the pandemic allow CIOs to reinvent the future of government?"  Long before the pandemic, tech-savvy state and…

February 24, 2021 Heidi Green, COO
Sr. Network Engineer Ash Bekele weighs in on what makes a great next generation firewall

Sr. Network Engineer Ash Bekele weighs in on what makes a great next generation firewall. As a network and security engineer who has worked in the field for more than 10 years, I have had plenty of…

December 21, 2020 Ash Bekele
Introducing the new GCOM. GANTECH, 3Sigma Software, and GCOM come together under a new brand.

The world of state and local government is rapidly changing. The pace of digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic and the increased need for digital services, and the need to keep…

September 24, 2020 GCOM Leadership
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