Introducing the new GCOM. GANTECH, 3Sigma Software, and GCOM come together under a new brand.

September 24, 2020 GCOM Leadership

The world of state and local government is rapidly changing. The pace of digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic and the increased need for digital services, and the need to keep the government running in a work from-home environment. Agencies must adopt ever more quickly. Whereas in the not-too-distant past, a two to three-year timeline on a government project would have been considered the norm. Today, that timeframe is simply unacceptable. Organizations are expected to pivot to digital service delivery in a matter of months – if not weeks! In this time of fast-paced change, state and local governments need a trusted partner to help them achieve their desired outcomes.


For too long, the state and local government tech market has been characterized by a combination of fragmented, small companies and a few industry behemoths. Customers have had to choose between the higher risk, lower cost smaller players, and the low risk but cost-prohibitive large firms. We offer an antidote to this pervasive problem—what you might call 'large systems integrator fatigue'—by providing the best of both worlds: the reliability, scalability, and resources of a major player with the agility, accessibility, and trustworthiness of a smaller, nimbler company.


The GCOM team consists of state and local government experts with extensive industry expertise spanning diverse focus areas, from health and human services to criminal justice and public safety, licensing and regulatory, and more. Just two years ago, we acquired two industry leaders—Three Sigma Software and GANTECH. The deep industry experience and outstanding reputations both firms bring to the table are indispensable to making GCOM what it is. We are extraordinarily proud to announce our consolidation as one united firm committed to leveraging our talented team's robust capabilities to build solutions that enable the next generation of state and local government.


When agencies look for a partner, they're looking for someone who has been in their shoes, understands their challenges, and knows the state and local government through and through. Because our team collectively brings decades of successful government experience to the table—GCOM executives have served as government technology leads at state and local agencies nationwide—we're fluent in the language of state and local government. We know that it's not enough to simply understand state and local government in the abstract; every jurisdiction is unique, and having worked across state and local contexts nationwide, we have the requisite knowledge to bring our clients the tailored solutions they need and expect.


We’re thrilled to partner with the most innovative agencies across the country and look forward to an exciting future helping realize the future of government.

September 24, 2020 GCOM Leadership
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