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Appreciating State partners work on solving Maryland government challenges

Under Governor Hogan's leadership, Maryland state government has made significant investments in technical infrastructure, modernizing systems, and reducing duplicative and time-consuming business processes. In 2018, Governor Hogan acknowledged the steps that Maryland has taken to streamline and improve citizens’ access to the state's government services: "Our administration is committed to making state government services more accessible and efficient for Marylanders while saving millions of taxpayer dollars, and improving online services is an integral part of that effort."

To deliver on that promise, Gov. Hogan charged Secretary Michael Leahy of the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) to develop a solution to the onerous and often manual process to apply for, process, and obtain licenses and permits. Maryland currently has over 1,000 forms online and spread across state agency websites, many of which are only available electronically as a form that is printed, completed, and returned in person or by mail. Secretary Leahy specified that the solution needed to work for Maryland citizens and Maryland state employees, streamlining the process for both groups.

In 2018, the initial Maryland OneStop Portal was delivered to provide an innovative approach to citizen engagement that demystifies the process and task of applying for or renewing a multitude of licenses and registrations. The portal is a “no wrong door” single location for finding, completing, and submitting forms and applications across 15 state agencies. Developed with User Experience top of mind, OneStop visitors benefit from an intuitive design, intelligent search features, elimination of duplicate workflows. As importantly, OneStop delivers on Gov. Hogan’s promise to reduce operational costs and save taxpayer dollars. Through OneStop’s powerful workflow engine, Maryland agencies can now plan to retire aging, proprietary, and custom-built systems, which are expensive and increasingly difficult to maintain.

Following Secretary Leahy’s comments to “continue working to ensure that Maryland is an innovation leader,” DoIT has procured GCOM’s services to evolve OneStop beyond its current offerings. In 2019, GCOM received one of two selections as prime vendors on a DoIT-administered, enterprise-wide State of Maryland licensing system which is available to all Maryland Departments and Agencies. GCOM will deliver new systems and expanded functions through our Salesforce Practice, supporting the Governor’s initiative to innovate customer service and state government workflows.

GCOM is proud to support Gov. Hogan’s critical initiative to innovate customer service and support the evolution of delivering Maryland’s state government services and offerings.

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