NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) CRM Integration with Civil Service Examination System

Client Challenge

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New York City employees more than 220,000 in 40 mayoral agencies and 44other governmental entities. More than 180 Civil Service Exams are administered each year to over 110,000 candidates seeking opportunities with the City. DCAS was wanted to modernize the civil service exam system. The purpose of the project was to automate and improve the overall Civil Service Examination System, including reducing setup and configuration time, Generate NOE (Notice of Examination), perform JAQ (Job Analysis Questionnaire/Survey), increase transparency to citizens, reduce the number of provisions, and make the examination system ADA compliant and mobile-friendly for applicants. The decision to use Microsoft Dynamics Platform was made to develop this application for various reasons, including:

  • It transforms process efficiency
  • Get actionable insights for informed, data-driven decision making
  • Deep integration with MS Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Manage any relationship & process for multiple data sources

The objective of the new system module included:

  • Management and Examiner's Dashboard for scheduled exams to be offered in a particular, fiscal year
  • Case Management System for the assignation of Exams & Tracking
  • Populate Title Specifications for Exam's use from an external Feed
  • Conducting of Job Analysis
  • Creating and publishing Notice of Examination (NOE)
  • Integrate with Exam Setup Application for below-listed functionalities using capabilities like Iframe within the Dynamics CRM
    • Set-up exams and scoring method
    • Modeling
    • Scheduling, Site Management, and Monitors
  • Integration with Outlook.

The Solution

DCAS selected GCOM to build and implement a subset of this overall system. This sub-set of the system included seven (7) solution components that GCOM delivered using Microsoft CRM Dynamics (on-premise) with the following functionalities:

NYC DCAS Management Dashboard delivered using Microsoft CRM Dynamics
  • Upload different files required for Exam creation and setup
  • Generate Dashboards & Reports
  • Perform Job Analysis
  • CRM Integration with .Net In-house developed application
  • Control and Manage the full examination setup process.
  • Generate and Publish Notice of Examination
  • Publish Exam for Applicants
  • CRM Integration with Outlook, Power BI, SharePoint, and other required tools

GCOM's Solution Highlights are:

  • The system was designed for what users need, not what we assume they needed
  • Consolidated up-to-date information in a single, central dashboard
  • Included important metrics and requirements on the landing page
  • Centralized and standardized the data
  • Easily integrated with DCAS .Net systems
  • Used Microsoft Dynamics to leverage configurable user interface, robust workflow and rules engine, Web service-based external system integration, and selective field encryption
  • Enhanced data sharing with various systems

Final Results

The new customized NOE application is a highly configurable system and has enhanced features to provide users with improved information management, better and more efficient communications along with the following:

  • Project management, transparency, mutual accountability
  • Streamlined and transparent NOE review/approval process
  • Date/deadline-driven NOE generation and review process
  • Template-based NOE approach increases efficiency and reduces human error in creating an NOE
  • Pre-selected templates based on exam details
  • Up-to-date standardized verbiage (which can be updated on the back-end as needed)
  • Can easily make edits and add sections/ subsections to NOE template
  • Create Calendar Item on the fly
  • Real-time system-generated notifications and reminder emails for each action taken or due in the system


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