NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)


Outcomes Delivered


Using our Community Health Analytics solution, GCOM created a web-based tool that empowers government employees, researchers, and the public with on-demand access to health data, self-service analytics, and user-friendly visualization tools. The solution – dubbed EpiQuery by DOHMH -- consolidates more than 10 million records, over 63GB, from survey, disease surveillance, and vital records datasets. More than 90% of user transactions take less than 3 seconds to complete. EpiQuery was also critical during the early stages of COVID-19 and signaled the spread of a flu-like illness within the first two weeks of March 2020.




The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) houses a wealth of health data to advance research, inform programs and policy, and promote health equity in New York City. However, the primary platform for disseminating this data – their website – suffered from organizational, design and technical issues that made it difficult and confusing to use. DOHMH needed a flexible solution that not only aggregated data but allowed users of all levels, from researchers to coffee shop owners to single parents, to access and understand public health data.




GCOM’s Community Health Analytics platform improved the accessibility and usability of DOHMH web-based data. Users can dynamically create community health content (charts, graphs, neighborhood maps, etc.) and share results interactively via social media. The tools contained in the website are mobile-responsive, making it even more accessible for its users. EpiQuery was a vital resource for residents during COVID-19. After the advent of the pandemic, traffic to the site nearly tripled. GCOM continues to work with DOHMH to enhance the system and provide essential support.




Solution Features


  • The data aggregation approach is flexible enough to accommodate multiple statistical methodologies and additional future data sets
  • The public website delivers a streamlined customer experience and guides users with varying data analysis skills and needs to the appropriate resources
  • The visualization platform allows users create statistical charts, tables, and maps in a single interactive view and generate customized Community Health Profiles
  • The metadata repository enables enhanced search, while a Content Management System enables non-technical staff to author content
  • The modular, flexible, mobile-first design makes the tool accessible from all popular browsers and smartphones



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