NYC Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD): Enrollment and Case Management

Client Challenge:


NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) supports New York City’s youth and their families by funding a wide range of high-quality youth and community development programs. DYCD was using several different antiquated (legacy) web-based case management systems to track enrollments, milestones, and delivery of services to the City’s population. In essence, DYCD has four case management systems providing similar functionality. Some of the challenges DYCD was facing include:

  • Legacy systems were considered to be potentially problematic for several reasons:
    • These systems can be hard to maintain, improve, and expand because there is a general lack of understanding of the system; the staff who were experts on it had retired or forgotten what they knew about it, and staff who entered the field after it became “legacy” never learned about it in the first place. This was worsened by lack or loss of documentation.
    • Legacy systems had vulnerabilities in older operating systems or applications due to lack of security patches being available or applied.
    • Integration with newer systems was difficult because new software may use completely different technologies. Integration across technology is quite common in computing, but integration between newer technologies and substantially older ones is not common.
  • Multiple CRM Systems – Data Integrity and Master Participant Index
    • The existing systems did not share a common database or data format, requiring an additional Bridge system to extract the data and uniquely identify the participants across the various systems and program areas, bringing them into a common data store. This is a process that is not entirely reliable or accurate due to the way the systems collect data.
  • Custom Coded
    • DYCD’s case management systems were all custom coded applications resulting in unnecessarily long development times in order to incorporate enhancements, programmatic changes, and contractual amendments.

DYCD has many program areas with various sets of business rules with specific requirements, including but not limited to, intake, eligibility, services/activities tracking, milestone/outcome tracking, reporting, encryption, and participant rollover.

DYCD needed to develop a modern Case Management System that tracks a participant’s life cycle in an effort to record and share information with Providers, the State and Stakeholders alike, thereby providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions across communication channels and business units.

The existing solution didn’t lend itself to an intuitive user experience, had too many tabs, and lacked robust reporting abilities. This affects diligent case management of Participants, and oversight of contractual obligations by Providers.

The solution, including all software and system(s) components needed to be flexible and capable of being configured to meet the specific needs of the City as well as be scalable for future needs.

The Solution:

GCOM developed a system to meet the City’s requirements for flexibility, configurability to meet current needs and scalability to ensure future needs can be met. Features of the solution GCOM provided include:

  • User-friendly platform; ease of use for Providers for case management, services and activities, and milestones and outcomes tracking and reporting
  • Allow easy configurability to accommodate frequent rule changes and/or field updates
  • Consolidate data from four systems (Luna, Capricorn, DYCD-Online, and SYEP-Online) into one Enrollment and Case Management Platform
  • Easier and more accurate reporting
  • Streamlined business process between programs
  • Mobile centric

The scope of this project incorporated several DYCD systems (WIOA, CSBG, Literacy and RHY Programs). The long-term vision of the Enrollment and Case Management Platform featured a robust technology solution that includes:

  • Easily configurable, interoperable, and updateable
  • The ability to interface with supporting systems
  • Solution with native iOS and Android Support
NYC DYCD Case Study - Enrollment and Case Management

The ability to store a clear and complete view of Participants’ information and ensure that every participant is represented only once, with constant demographic identification, and audits of changes, across all program areas

  • Full tracking of the participant lifecycle:
    • Intake
    • Enrollment
    • Services / Activities Tracking
    • Milestone / Outcome Tracking
    • Exit/Follow-Up
    • Form Builder/Designer
  • Workflow Tool
  • Alerts
  • Dashboards
  • Reports


GCOM developed a system that allows the Department of Youth and Community Development to track participants lifecycle and improved user experience. This flexible and scalable solution will help the City meet New Yorker’s needs well into the future.

GCOM's solution results for DYCD


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