Since its inception in 1974, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) has become one of the most successful federal initiatives ever undertaken, currently serving 53 percent of all infants born in the United States. This program is continually working to improve the health of participating women, infants and children in many ways including collaboration with other services that are key to childhood and family well-being. Agencies that manage WIC are on the path of digital transformation looking to eliminate paper vouchers for beneficiaries, introduce eWIC card-based system, streamline clinic processes, enable clinics to better leverage data to monitor program trends and vendor patterns, and improve the way beneficiaries experience and interact with the program.

3Sigma WIC

3Sigma WIC sets the standard in WIC automation and seeks to help agencies achieve their goals. This web-based applications supports WIC staffs in the mission of providing efficient, effective services to WIC participants by using state-of-the-art technology, experienced developers, former WIC staff, and subject-matter experts. Our tailored WIC systems offer solutions for both EBT and coupon-based WIC environments; support scanners and signature pads, and allow for interfaces to many other services. 3Sigma WIC is the leading WIC application available that thrives on continually improving and delivering results that improve the lives of its customers and the participants they serve.

A Complete WIC Solution

sigma wic

Meeting constituents where they are!

A key highlight of the 3Sigma solution are its mobile apps that leverage digital engagement to meet WIC beneficiaries where they are, ensuring critical service delivery with the simplicity and ease-of-use. This enables WIC participants to take full advantage of the program and better track their services and benefits in a way they were not able to before. The solution offers several apps addressing critical constituent needs as follows:

Participant Mobile App:

A WIC Mobile App that gives participants all the information they need at their fingertips to make their shopping experience fun and enables easier interaction with the program. Participants can:

  • View details on upcoming appointments
  • View remaining benefits and other benefit information
  • Scan a UPC while shopping to see if the item is WIC approved
  • Receive notifications for upcoming appointments, expiring benefits
  • Access online nutrition education
  • Access clinic information and locate other clinics around them
  • Find out where to shop
  • Access other WIC resources
  • Support for multiple languages
sigma participant app

Telehealth Mobile App:

A WIC Mobile App that allows participants to engage with their chosen providers from the convenience of their home, at a time that is convenient to them. This capability has always been extremely desirable for WIC participants such as a new mother needing help feeding her infant late in the day. This type of service has become even more critical with a pandemic like COVID-19 transforming the interaction paradigm. This app will cater to both the participant and the provider as shown below.

Participant View:

  • View Provider list with details listed below that help select appropriate provider
    • language spoken
    • online/offline status
    • Profile Picture
  • Access biography page for more details on theproviders
  • Ability to initiate audio or video call
  • Ability to leave a call back message if unable to connect with the selected provider
  • Live Picture in Picture view identifying the provider being called.
  • Rating screen for provider after the call ends

Provider View:

  • Ability for a provider to mark themselves online or offline
  • Call back request screen that indicates:
    • Name of the participant that initiated the call back
    • The time call back was received
    • The type of call back requested (audio or video)
  • Provider notes screen to record the call and ability to indicate call back date
sigma participant view

3Sigma also developed a vendor monitoring app on the iOS platform for the State of New York, for offline data collection that is then synced to the live database. GCOM is an innovative software development company, with the mission of providing customers with quality software development, implementation, and maintenance support to effectively manage their Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) programs as evidenced by its system operating in 11 states, 1 territory and 10 tribal nations serving over 3 million WIC beneficiaries.

sigma provider view


GCOM isn’t your typical government solutions provider. GCOM combines the scale to support large complex projects with the agility and accessibility of a boutique solutions provider giving state and local government leaders a third option when looking for a partner to help modernize operations and optimize digital engagement. And we’ve earned a reputation for innovation and reliability by helping clients leverage cutting edge technology while mitigating risk. Whether it’s helping governments transition to virtual working, incorporating biometric ID to give physicians anywhere anytime access to vital records, providing local law enforcement with complete criminal histories on-demand, or data integration platforms that monitor community health, GCOM’s innovative, next generation government solutions improve operations and deliver more value to the communities they serve.

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