GCOM Civitas Community Health Platform

Access to quality healthcare, community resources, clean water, food, and air all play a role in people’s health status. State and Local health departments need a modernized data infrastructure to better understand where a person lives, learns, works, worships, and plays and the corresponding community health trends that shape policy. As underscored by the disparate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, communicable and non-communicable disease conditions share socioeconomic, environmental, and behavioural risk factors. Government services addressing these factors are often managed by multiple agencies and organizations. Going forward, public health efforts to prevent and mitigate communicable and chronic disease in the short and long-term require a syndemic (synergistically interacting epidemics) orientation. Understanding the local epidemiology, as well as the risks and service needs of communities is essential to developing appropriate, coordinated, and comprehensive services that cost-effectively improve public health.

GCOM Civitas Platform

GCOM provides a dynamic and flexible data management platform with powerful data virtualization capabilities anchored by a domain-specific data model covering a range of public health data including: disease surveillance, survey, environmental monitoring, social service and healthcare utilization. The platform’s user experience and visualization layer can be customized to different user profiles such as business owners, resident/visitor, government policy makers, non-profits and community-based service providers, and researchers to prepopulate queries and visualizations frequently requested by each user type. Advanced query features allow users to easily explore data at several levels of granularity by aggregating currently siloed information, and slicing and dicing across multiple dimensions, in a single screen. Evidence-based insights alongside visualizations explain how risk factors are linked to health status, helping users interpret the information. With holistic current information on diseases and risk factors, State and Local policymakers and managers can formulate and deploy targeted resources to efficiently tackle health issues, and continuously monitor impact in their communities.

GCOM Civitas Community Health Platform

civitas community health platform

Some highlights of our exceptional CHM solution that is available as a licensed service are as follows:

Dynamic Data Management Platform

  • Flexible Data Integration. Scalable platform allows integration of a wide range of data sources for complex statistical computing in near real time.
  • Powerful Data Virtualization. State of the art platform includes data virtualization (creating a virtual data layer to access different forms of data) best practices for secure and real-time access to aggregated data including features like data masking, data quality, and data cleansing.
  • Dynamic Platform. Modular platform design anchored by a domain-specific data model that aligns with and complements existing agency data offerings. A persistent database layer optimizes query performance and persists the granular and calculated summary.

Easily Consumable Visualization

  • Advanced Query Features. Allows users to explore dynamic data at several levels of granularity, including interactive trend analysis over time. Users can slice & dice data across multiple dimensions within a single screen.
  • Configurable Data Visualization. Includes dynamic and static content based on user selection. Data and visualization can be shared via social media, emails, etc. or download as needed.
  • Intuitively Consumable Information. Visuals (tables, graphs, maps) are updated automatically due to inbuilt association. Static interpretation content enriches visualizations and queries with relevant information to assist non-statisticians. Responsive, mobile-first design provides customer-centric user experience.

Funding Sources & ROI

  • Leverage Existing Federal Funds to Get Started. More than $30B in CDC funding has been allocated to states and localities. Civitas qualifies for a range of CDC funding sources including: Public Health Data Surveillance and Analytics, ELC Enhancing Detection, Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity Enhancing Detection, Immunization & VCF Cooperative Agreement, National Environmental Public Health Tracking.
  • Become Self-Funded through Positive ROI. Increase agency staff efficiency and productivity by automating analytics. Potential for reduction in State and Local Medicaid spend through targeted focus on social determinants of health such as nutrition, housing, transporation, and household violence. Increase Medicaid and social services budgets with Medicaid funding via 1115 waviers, Medicaid Managed Care contracting requirements, and value-based payment structures.

Customer Example: NYC DOHMH EpiQuery

nyc dohmh
  • EpiQuery is New York City’s premier web application for health data virtualization and visualization to advance research, inform programs and policy, and promote health equity.
  • EpiQuey pulls from a wide array of health survey, syndromic surveillance, and vital statistics data.
  • EpiQuery’s near real-time integration of syndromic surveillance data publicly indicated the rising COVID surge in February 2020, has been highlighted as an example of syndromic surveillance and public health transparency best practice for communicable diseases beyond COVID.


GCOM isn’t your typical government solutions provider. GCOM combines the scale to support large complex projects with the agility and accessibility of a boutique solutions provider giving state and local government leaders a third option when looking for a partner to help modernize operations and optimize digital engagement. And we’ve earned a reputation for innovation and reliability by helping clients leverage cutting edge technology while mitigating risk. Whether it’s helping organizations transition to virtual working, incorporating biometric ID to give physicians anywhere anytime access to vital records, providing local law enforcement with complete criminal histories on-demand, or data integration platforms that monitor community health, GCOM’s innovative next generation solutions help state and local governments ensure safer, healthier and more prosperous communities.

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