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Community Development and Regulatory agencies are state and local entities that provide oversight and regulation to various industries and processes to ensure the health and safety of the communities they serve. Economic development is a key political platform for many local and state governments, which has placed pressure on departments within state and local governments to reduce turnaround times for licensing and permitting processes to accelerate local development and generate revenue. The licensing process represents a critically important touchpoint between citizens and their state and local governments. Significant improvements in servicing, and back-end management and administration can be facilitated by replacing manual, paper-based, processes with a flexible, automated system. Ideally this means replacing multiple siloed systems with a comprehensive, integrated enterprise licensing system (ELS). Deploying the right ELS enables government employees to be more productive and responsive, while constituents can take advantage of self-serve options through ELS portals.


GCOM has the technical expertise and years of experience to combine a state-of-the-art solution with an implementation approach that results in an ELS system that actualizes the commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of all constituents who rely on the services of certified and licensed entities. We ensure that the solution is flexible, scalable, and configurable. Accela ELS platform is a recognized industry leader and we leverage our long experience with Accela ELS to guide customers through integration, implementation and customization to maximize agency value and user satisfaction. We help agencies achieve desired business objectives such as:

  • Improved Efficiency and Service Delivery
  • Streamlined & Accelerated Services
  • Enhanced Productivity & Responsiveness
  • Improved Privacy, Compliance & Security

GCOM ELS - Key Highlights

gcomels key highlights

Our enterprise solution addresses licensing and certification needs, as well as incident and complaint management in a multi-agency environment. Some highlights of our exceptional ELS are as follows:


Proven, Highly Configurable, Scalable, Interoperable

  • Minimize Risk with a Proven Solution. The Accela ELS platform is preferred by more than 50 of the top 100 largest US state & local agencies, a leader for more than 20 years.
  • Reduce Implementation Cost & Time with a Highly Configurable Solution. GCOM guides you through implementing a low-code, highly configurable and extensible business solution that nontechnical users can use to maintain, enhance and add new forms, workflows, reports and correspondence. Easily configurable data entry interface helps meet future requirements
  • Meet Business Objectives with a Scalable, Interoperable Solution. Fully supported COTS product comes with a commitment of innovation and investment with major releases twice annually adding new features and technologies. Supports tight & loosely coupled design patterns plus a robust set of APIs

Trusted Partner Vested in Customer Success

  • Optimize Digital Engagement with a Solution Innovator. Our domain expertise, industry best practices, and relentless focus on the user experience help agencies succeed across all stakeholders.
  • Reduce Risk with a Trusted Implementation Partner. GCOM effectively combines the right mix of services, people, processes, and technologies to deliver an innovative, future-proof solution.
  • Improve Agency Operations with Reliable Managed Services. Leverage our phenomenal track record as a managed services provider to ensure reliability, compliance, and security across your ELS solution, while freeing up your internal IT staff.

Solution Highlights:

  • Minimize risk with a proven solution, delivered by a trusted partner.
  • Extensive configurability to meet exact needs, including for workflows, integrations and custom data entry interfaces.
  • Fine-grained role-based access control.
  • End-user personalization.
  • Architected to scale vertically (by adding processors) and horizontally (by adding additional servers).
  • Ability to integrate multiple agencies, enabling sharing of cases and information.
  • Support for application developers through use of APIs and support for Microsoft Azure.
  • Prepared for the futures with GCOM expertise and best practices.

Powered by Accela

  • Human-centered design provides exceptional customer experience
  • User-friendly portals for license application, documentation submission, online payments, and more.
  • Support for two-way conversations and integration with social media to boost citizen engagement.
  • Intelligent workflows, advanced data analysis/visualization, robust reporting and querying.
  • Incorporates industry standard best practices with embedded domain expertise.

Benefits of GCOM ELS

benefts gcomels


GCOM isn’t your typical government solutions provider. GCOM combines the scale to support large complex projects with the agility and accessibility of a boutique solutions provider giving state and local government leaders a third option when looking for a partner to help modernize operations and optimize digital engagement. And we’ve earned a reputation for innovation and reliability by helping clients leverage cutting edge technology while mitigating risk. Whether it’s helping governments transition to virtual working, incorporating biometric ID to give physicians anywhere anytime access to vital records, providing local law enforcement with complete criminal histories on-demand, or data integration platforms that monitor community health, GCOM’s innovative, next generation government solutions improve operations and deliver more value to the communities they serve.

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