The Imagine Innovation Framework


Data analytics and business intelligence can transform your agency's entire operation. But building advanced data analytics programs isn't a one-time project; it's a long-term journey that involves many moving parts: software applications, technology, people, processes, metrics, culture, skills, and executive sponsorship. Nevertheless, the benefits of becoming a data-driven organization far outweigh the short-term costs.

Imagine™ is Qlarion's high-value, low-risk approach to developing business intelligence and analytics solutions that are based on innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, not the features of a technology platform or the terms and conditions of a contract.

Embracing the Analytics Maturity Journey

Data is a powerful tool that can multiply an agency's impact, but only if the organization's leadership truly embraces an enterprise analytics culture. Too often, agencies only look at enterprise analytics from a technology perspective. They consider the initial purchase of a technology solution to be their enterprise analytics initiative. In fact, purchasing technology is just the beginning. Your analytics program will only flourish if you develop a holistic approach. Qlarion's most successful partners are public servants who are committed to:

Reimagining processes: When you use information more effectively, you'll streamline processes and drive and innovation at the enterprise level.

Reducing costs and improving efficiencies: Timely, accurate data and advanced analytics capabilities will help you identify bottlenecks and improve resource allocation.

Enhancing constituent services – Analytics deliver the insights you need to maximize the impact of your programs and policies and better serve your constituents.

Making data-driven decisions possible: Transform operations when you define, track and share data insights across previously siloed departments or teams.


The Enterprise Analytics Maturity Model

At a high level, the Imagine™ approach builds your organization's analytics capabilities over time, using an Analytics Maturity Model (AMM) as our guide.

The above model describes the characteristics of an organization at each of the five stages of analytical maturity and provides a common framework for stakeholders to discuss current capabilities, challenges, and objectives. With each increasing stage of maturity, your organization can expect a higher level of business value and return on investment from your analytics efforts.

To move through the stages of analytical maturity, your organization will develop competencies across four dimensions of analytical maturity:

Data: Establishing data quality, governance, modeling, and management.

Technology: Providing a scalable and secure enterprise analytics platform with processes for easy application development.

Organization: Training, development of a long-term vision, and consistent leadership support.

Processes: Best practices are shared across your organization, clear roles and responsibilities are defined.


Assessment and Roadmap

Advancing your capabilities within each of these four dimensions is key to the success of your analytics program. A mature, data-driven organization has the leadership, data, processes, and supporting enterprise technology to enable evidence-based decision-making.


To fully leverage the maturity model, it's important to establish a baseline through an Analytics Maturity Assessment. Qlarion conducts a comprehensive assessment to score the initial maturity stage of your organization in each of the four dimensions. The assessment includes stakeholder interviews plus a review of current processes, policies, and technology.

We evaluate the gaps between the current and future state, then build a roadmap that plots out the best path to analytics maturity. The roadmap considers the value, timing, level of effort, resource availability and skills, constraints, organizational priorities, and interdependencies.

Building Momentum


Once the baseline is established and the roadmap is finalized, it's time to begin the analytics maturity journey. To ensure long-term success of your analytics program, it's imperative to show results as soon as possible -- we call this the Quick Win. A Quick Win will build confidence for the analytics program within your organization and ultimately drive user adoption.

We start by finding a high-value use case and working closely with business users to align expectations and begin a rapid prototyping process. In parallel, we identify the next use case and create a roadmap for the next phase of the project.

Our approach employs design thinking and Agile delivery to show business value early and often. At the highest level, our process is broken up into the following four phases:

  • Plan: Design thinking guides the selection of the analytical focus areas that will provide the best value.
  • Pilot: A representative problem is defined, the solution brainstormed, and a prototype solution developed.
  • Project: The broader solution is implemented via an agile, iterative cycle based on feedback from focus groups and stakeholders.
  • Program: The final phase focuses on increasing your organization's level of data-driven maturity. Your return on investment is fulfilled as enterprise capabilities that relate to the analytics program and support your strategies, processes, and technologies are launched.

Moving Forward

Becoming an analytically mature organization is a challenging but worthwhile goal. Embracing the Analytics Maturity Model is the best way to achieve that goal. This proven approach will help your organization reach higher and higher levels of value through data and analytics and, ultimately, institutionalize data-driven decision-making.

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Qlarion is a government innovation firm that provides data and analytics solutions for federal, state, and local government agencies. We work with our clients to identify, design, and implement data and analytics solutions that create a lasting impact for our clients and the communities they serve.

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