GCOM Managed Advanced Learning Environment

Powered by VMware, Delivered by GCOM

Higher education institutions are feeling the pressure to deliver better learning outcomes and advance their academic brand in today's changing technology landscape. Traditional student workstations and computer labs are no longer sufficient. Instead, modern universities need to provide anytime, anywhere access to the applications and data that students require to learn and professors require to teach them.

GCOM's Managed Advanced Learning Environment enables student labs "as-a-Service" through the flexible delivery of applications with a traditional desktop experience, supporting functional, secure, course-based requirements.

GCOM's Managed Advanced Learning Environment

GCOM's Managed Advanced Learning Environment services skillfully implement VMware's Advanced Learning Environment in customized architecture for customers seeking improved learning outcomes via enhanced availability and collaboration. GCOM's 24x7x365 Managed Service Desk, staffed by ITIL certified technicians, provides ongoing support for issues, cost management, enhanced security, and end-user experience.

Managed Advanced Learning
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Enhancing Student Outcome through Flexible, Collaborative Learning

Universities that engage GCOM's Managed Advanced Learning Environment can expect their students and professors to experience:

  • Device-agnostic connectivity with the ability to log in and connect to a desktop using any HTML-compliant
  • browser, PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device
  • Enhanced collaboration with a complete platform of integrated tools--file share, virtual labs, etc enabling
  • flexible distance learning based on a professor's needs
  • Optimized experience for STEM courses with major-specific complex applications (AutoCAD, SolidWorks,
  • etc) and interactive labs (e.g., cyber security range)
  • Secure remote file storage to eliminate loss of work if the device is stolen or lost
  • Collaborative interaction with professors and other students without the need for personal portals

Improving Academic Brand and Increasing Revenue

Institutions that offer a cutting-edge digital learning platform can expect extended revenue in response to meeting the performance needs of their students and professors. Moving away from the traditional brick-and-mortar teaching environment opens new avenues of instruction, reaching a greater number of students and boosting enrollment.

GCOM provides a turn-key managed service designed specifically for Higher Education which provides:

  • Reduced risk and time to deploy with VMware certified implementation resources
  • Proactive monitoring and management, which resolves technical issues before they can impact academics
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance
  • A Microsoft Azure environment to leverage the scale, redundancy, and on-demand nature of cloud computing
  • 100% consumption-based scalable service including no charge for unused resources
  • Ongoing 24x7x365 US-based customer support from GCOM's ITIL certified technicians and service desk
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  • Single platform to manage all apps and devices
  • Any app, any device, anywhere
  • Reduce time to value
  • Optimize employee productivity
  • Control hidden IT costs
  • 24x7x365 US-based support

Powered by VMware

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure simplifies the delivery of virtual desktops and apps

  • Easily deploy and manage virtual apps and desktops while leveraging cloud resources
  • For fluctuating app or desktop usage, flexible consumption-based pricing is available

WorkspaceONE combines identity and mobile device management

  • Simple and secure access to all applications, data, and services students need on any device
  • Meets IT security requirements
  • One-step student enrollment


GCOM has established an outstanding reputation as an industry partner of choice in helping clients enhance operational performance by leveraging cutting-edge, scalable technology to facilitate systems integration while mitigating risk. In 2019, GCOM acquired GANTECH Inc., an established VMware partner. Collectively, we continue to deliver innovative, tailored technology solutions with a focus on modernizing legacy IT systems. GCOM holds a Master Services Competency in Digital Workspace, the highest

service competency a partner can achieve. We uniquely offer managed services around VMware's digital learning platform and have achieved the highest international standard in IT service management. Clients benefit from our expert knowledge, flexible delivery model, and ISO/IESC 2000-1:2011 certified processes. Our 24x7x365 US-based Service Desk Monitors and supports infrastructure to reduce costs, manage change, and improve IT service delivery and management.

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