Creating a secure, private, and easy to use vital records ecosystem.

State Vital Records organizations rely on GCOM’s Decentralized Identity for Government (DIG) for a more secure, accessible, and citizen-centric approach to issuing digital vital certificates.

Leveraging distributed ledger technology, our framework allows government agencies to independently verify residents’ personal information without storing or managing any data. Plus, DIG easily integrates with existing VRMS and state program/eligibility enrollment systems.

Issuing Digital Birth Certificates with DIG

Let’s say a mother wants to enroll her child in kindergarten at the local public school. To do so, she must prove to the local school system that her child is old enough to register. The current online registration system requires her to upload a copy of her child’s birth certificate, putting her identifying information at risk.

With our solution, she would use the GCOM Digital Vault mobile app, to initiate a secure, end-to-end connection to transmit only the necessary data to complete the transaction. Her information is never stored on the public ledger. Without receiving or storing any of her personal information or contacting the Department of Vital Records, the school system can independently trust the validity of this information.

Less Fraud, Less Paperwork

Decentralized Identity for Government simplifies and secures the entire vital records management process.

  • Validate in minutes, not weeks – Vital records offices can verify records instantly, so residents will no longer need to wait weeks and weeks for birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, etc.
  • Reduce Costs – Significantly decrease the amount of time, resources, and funds dedicated to verifying resident information or strengthening database security.
  • Prevent Fraud – The distributed ledger verification makes true identity theft nearly impossible, so residents’ privacy is more protected than ever.

A Leader in Vital Records Management

GCOM’s turnkey Vital Records Management solution eliminates the roadblocks of traditional system development. Our SaaS solution delivers comprehensive, fully integrated VRM capabilities and the user-friendly digital experience residents expect.