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Citizen and Business Partners want access to modern, robust mobile/web solutions that leverage human-centered design to provide an exceptional user experience when they interact with their government. GCOM delivers robust business portal solutions that provide exceptional customer experience offering a full range of business processes with powerful dashboards and social media integration.



Smart Cities Initiatives

NYC Small Business Services


  • A Comprehensive Portal for businesses to interact with all city agencies to make government more efficient and effective in helping businesses start, operate, and expand.
  • Business owners can keep track of all their interactions with the city, connecting 47 different transaction types from 11 previously siloed agencies.
  • Single Sign-On allowing a business owner to check on the status of fire department inspections, drilling permits, health code violations, and more.
  • The dashboard allows users to view documents, receive notifications to stay on track with due dates, and manage payments to the various agencies.
NYC Small Business Services - Smart Cities Initiatives


NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)


Shortly after implementing a COTS permit and licensing case management system for the NYS Sporting License System, the Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) knew that they wanted a more modern and efficient user experience. NYSDEC desired an Amazon-like shopping experience for NYS Sportsmen and Sportswomen and engaged GCOM to assist with the design, development, and implementation of the new NYSDEC DECALS 2.0 portal. The new DECALS portal features a lightweight HTML5/JAVA presentation and web application that provides an innovative, engaging, and intuitive user experience while leveraging the existing transactional, case management application, and persistence layers performing day-to-day program management and reporting functions of the NYS Sporting License Program.

How GCOM Assisted

The DECALS 2.0 Portal was recognized as a great success by internal and external NYSDEC stakeholders. The new DECALS 2.0 Portal reduces end-user transaction time from 4 minutes to less than 1 minute per transaction. In addition, NYSDEC received accolades from the New York State Town Clerks Association on the new user interface, both for the greatly improved ease of use and significant performance improvement.

Sporting License Portal for NYSDEC
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