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Payment Management

GCOM has worked with several customers to address their payment management needs with proven, user-friendly payment engines that provide consistent & accurate results using standardized processes. Our solutions can seamlessly interface with the e-payment vendor of choice, calculate, communicate, and process fee adjustments, automate refunds and cancellations, consolidate payments for multiple records, provide user-friendly dashboards and financial-specific reports.​



Parking Ticket Pay-or-Dispute Mobile App​

NYC Department of Finance


DOF administers the adjudication and payment collection processes for parking tickets issued in the city. DOF sought to include an option for paying or adjudicating a ticket via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets that will incorporate mobile-specific functionality (such as using the device's camera to capture ticket information and evidence used in hearings). ​

How GCOM Assisted

The Pay or Dispute Parking App made paying and requesting hearings for parking and selected traffic violations faster and easier for metro New Yorkers and more efficient to process for DOF workers with the support of multiple languages. Our proposed solution concepts and guiding principles resulted in a beautiful and efficient mobile application. Solution concepts and guiding principles are listed below:

  • Minimize data entry and the number of screens. ​

  • Leverage mobile device features like cameras, barcode scanners, and QR scanners to capture ticket information and includes cloud-based optical character resolution service to populate ticket numbers captured by mobile device cameras.

  • Store auto-fill fields like address and credit card information (with CVV number and expiration date) securely on the device, not in the cloud.

  • Extra easy data capture and submission for hearing request evidence.

  • Leverages multi-channel communication to update users of ticket status changes for hearing requests.

  • Provide administrative and reconciliation tools or processes for city workers.

Parking Ticket Pay-or-Dispute Mobile App​

Smart Cities Initiatives​

NYC Small Business Services


  • A Comprehensive Portal for businesses to interact with all city agencies to make government more efficient and effective in helping businesses start, operate, and expand.
  • Business owners can keep track of all their interactions with the city, connecting 47 different transaction types from 11 previously siloed agencies.
  • Single Sign-On allowing a business owner to check on the status of fire department inspections, drilling permits, health code violations, and more.
  • The dashboard allows users to view documents, receive notifications to stay on track with due dates, and manage payments to the various agencies.
NYC Small Business Services Portal
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