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A local/state government organization caters to three different types of users: Residents, Case workers, and Employees. When providing services and interacting with each of the three strata of the user population, strong security is critical. FortrusSM addresses the needs of all users.

GCOM FortrusSM Platform: Digital Identity, StrongPass, and Certify

A frontline defense for organizations, GCOM’s FortrusSM platform strengthens security by addressing its weakest link – the human element. It is the foundation for GCOM’s three identity authentication solutions- Digital Identity, StrongPass, and Certify.

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FortrusSM Digital Identity: A Comprehensive Solution for State and Local Government

GCOM’s Digital Identity App makes it easy for residents to access the services they need, no matter which department or agency they turn to. Instead of manually sharing documents to verify their identity or filling out duplicate forms for different departments, Digital ID lets residents securely store and share verified personal information – right from their mobile device.


Digital ID ensures that agencies get accurate, up-to-date information while eliminating the hassle (and risk) of acquiring and storing huge volumes of resident data.


Key Features:

  • Eliminate paperwork and reduce the risk of identity fraud
  • Authenticate resident identity without putting their security or privacy at risk
  • Speed up processing, reduce internal bottlenecks and improve resident satisfaction
  • Eliminates the risk of user data theft due to any breaches because no user PII is persisted within agencies


Additional Use Cases:

  • Digital Driver’s License – A secure, convenient way for residents to verify their identity when accessing government services. Datasheet coming soon!
  • Health Pass – Residents can receive, store, and selectively share verified information related to vaccine status and test results. Read more in the GCOM Health Pass data sheet below.


The Digital Experience Residents are Looking For


GCOM’s Digital ID solution reduces staff workload and improves customer service.

  • Private - Residents control their personal information and selectively share their data.
  • Secure – Biometric authentication and a blockchain-based network ensure data is accurate and secure.
  • Seamless – Users can login and verify their identity across agencies and platforms without having to remember login credentials


Detect and Prevent Fraudulent Refunds with Digital Identity


With GCOM Digital Identity, taxpayers can validate and manage their refund status through an easy-to-use digital identity solution. Our application allows residents to have complete control over their identities and personal data, while enabling government agencies to access the information they need to provide services.

  • Private - Taxpayers control their personal information and actively track and validate their refund status.
  • Secure - Biometric authentication and blockchain-based network ensure data is accurate and secure.
  • Seamless - Users can login and verify their identity across agencies and platforms without having to remember login credentials. 
  • Efficient - Revenue Agencies can reduce backlogs and human intervention while reducing the amount of time it takes for Taxpayers to receive their refund.


How it Works

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FortrusSM StrongPass: Identity Authentication for Greater Internal Security

Despite stringent policies about password complexity, two-factor authentication, and anti-virus software, state and local agencies will continue to fall victim to security breaches as long as they rely on their employees to remember credentials and follow security protocols.


GCOM’s StrongPass transforms the usual login experience, replacing complexity with convenience, while delivering greater security to user authentication.


StrongPass is a holistic security solution for web accounts, devices, applications, and documents. Its pain-free multifactor authentication uses biometric technology to enable users to unlock computers, access websites and applications right from their smartphone.


Key Features:

  • Mitigate risk of ransomware attacks and breaches by detecting and preventing phishing, credential theft, token loss, security fatigue
  • Share access to websites and applications with teams without exposing passwords - includes location or time-based access control
  • Eliminate the hassle of traditional two factor authentication

StrongPass enables a significantly improved online experience with just a mobile device and one secure login. Organizations and individuals finally get an authentication solution that finds the balance between strong security, user convenience, compliance mandates, and cost effectiveness.

FortrusSM Certify: Verifiable Certification of Events

GCOM’s Certify mobile application enables approved government and healthcare professionals to record and verify life events from any mobile device. Certify allows for faster processing, reduces fraud, and is verifiable in courts. With the ability to authenticate events using their mobile device, case workers, doctors, and medical examiners can quickly access and verify information such as birth certificates and death certificates. Click HERE to read more about our Vital Records Solution.


Key Features:

  • Minimize/prevent frauds related to birth and death information with strengthened authentication based on federated, verified identity
  • Improve auditability with mobile, flexible, and scalable biometric capabilities
  • Improve productivity and enhanced user experience for clinicians and funeral home directors with eVital Certify Mobile App’s facial recognition capability
  • Reduce backlog with reliable and timely certifications leading to better customer service

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