GCOM RevHub 

Comprehensive SaaS based enterprise platform for tax.

GCOM RevHub is an enterprise platform for tax that meets the most pressing needs of state revenue agencies:

Enhance agency protection with fraud detection, event investigation, and insider threat alerts


Deliver a better self-service experience for reduced wait times, higher self-cure rates, and increased compliance

Understand, prepare for, and easily adapt to legislative changes

Why RevHub’s SaaS Solution? 

RevHub is the premier fully-integrated, comprehensive SaaS solution that outweighs the competition by being intelligent, flexible, and proven.
The RevHub enterprise platform for tax:
  • Improves the taxpayer experience, stops fraud, increases compliance, and decreases the tax gap through
    the use of advanced analytics and ML/AI
  • Adapts to policy changes and easily integrates with existing solutions or replaces legacy systems
  • Delivers results at the state and local level through a modern tech stack and streamlined user interface
Plus, RevHub has a flexible, scalable architecture for deployments as a complete Integrated Tax System (ITS), or a point solution with integration with existing ITS solutions. This “right size” approach means that RevHub can fit within any budget and deliver a quick ROI.

The Decentralized Identity Difference with RevHub

Exclusive to RevHub is GCOM’s Decentralized Identity for Government (DIG), which detects and prevents fraudulent refunds, allows taxpayers to manage their digital identity information, and gives state and local governments the ability to authenticate resident identity without putting their security or privacy at risk. With GCOM DIG, taxpayers can validate and manage their refund status through an easy-to-use digital identity solution. Our solution allows residents to have complete control over their identities and personal data, while enabling government agencies to access the information they need to provide services. Our exclusive DIG solution is:


Taxpayers control their personal information and actively track and validate their refund status.


Biometric authentication and a blockchain-based
network ensure data is accurate and secure.


Users can login and verify their identity across
agencies and platforms without having to remember login


Revenue agencies can reduce backlogs and human
intervention while reducing the amount of time it takes for
taxpayers to receive their refund.

Decentralized Identity for Government and RevHub – How it Works

RevHub with Digital Identity is the comprehensive SaaS solution state and local governments rely on to increase privacy and decrease fraud for its constituents.

RevHub – Tackling More Than Fraud

While fraud detection is a major component of RevHub, its rapid results modules target the most pressing issues in tax administration through pre-built analytic solutions.

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    Identify fraudulent returns and identity theft before they are processed by your tax processing system and stay ahead of malicious attacks by detecting and responding to known, unknown, and evolving threats.


    Fraud and identity theft are constant threats for all state revenue agencies that cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Fraud is incredibly fluid and dynamic – today’s fraud cannot be stopped with business rules and traditional methods alone. RevHub Fraud Firewall identifies fraud risks and prioritizes them by proactively identifying weaknesses and patching holes before they are exploited. The Fraud Firewall protects your ITS to stop fraud before it pollutes your system ingesting data from any source.  Machine learning algorithms detect the latest schemes to assist in empowering investigators in decision making. Intuitive reports allow you to visualize your data to make results understandable and actionable.

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    Efficiency in collection strategies is critical to state revenue agencies. The RevHub Collections Accelerator is a suite of analytic tools that optimize efforts and strategies for revenue capture.


    With an increasingly mobile society, the growing scarcity of landlines, and the lack of good data, state revenue agencies struggle in identifying and locating debtors. RevHub helps states gain operational efficiencies by reducing the focus on accounts that are more likely to self-cure, while applying appropriate action to those less likely to pay. RevHub Collections Accelerator formulates analytic collection recommendations to identify the likelihood an account will pay, and the best workstream for each account.

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    Collect data and produce insights to support the development of improved methods for identifying noncompliant taxpayers by utilizing the combined power of natural language processing and machine learning.

    With increasing budget cuts, tax agencies struggle to sufficiently staff departments and prioritize caseloads. Through optimization, tax agencies can deploy their staff to maximize both short-term revenue and voluntary compliance. RevHub Audit Optimizer utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to identify potential noncompliance – instances of non-filers and under-reporters.

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    Using AI-based lead generation, behavioral analytics, and advanced case management, the Remote Seller Module tackles revenue agencies’ most common pain points as they implement remote sales tax programs.

    GCOM understands that government agencies have a limited amount of resources to devote to new work. That’s why the Remote Seller Module deploys automated, data-driven notice campaigns to promote voluntary compliance. Our solution includes an Online Seller Database with data on over 6 million websites, along with  tailored algorithms to detect noncompliance among existing filers. Like all RevHub modules, the Remote Seller Module features user-friendly interfaces built on proven industry success–making it easy for agencies to implement and monitor campaigns in alignment with their goals and resource capacity.