GCOM Announces Rebrand Following Acquisitions and Consolidation of Three Sigma Software and GANTECH

Thursday, September 10, 2020 | 10:00 am

State and local government technology leaders consolidate as the newly rebranded GCOM


Albany, N.Y. (September 10th, 2020) — GCOM, a leading provider of tailored technology solutions for state and local governments nationwide, today announced its rebrand, following the acquisitions of two leading solutions providers, Three Sigma Software and GANTECH, in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Formerly known as GCOM Software, the newly-consolidated GCOM will continue serving state and local government customers with leading-edge industry solutions spanning health and human services, justice and public safety, licensing and regulatory, and digital transformation, facilitating agencies’ adoption of constituent-centric, next-generation solutions.


GCOM's team collectively brings decades of experience serving in and working with state and local government to deliver impactful technology solutions that improve how government works and enhance the constituent experience. As the pace of government transformation rapidly accelerates—particularly in response to the historic and unprecedented strain on agencies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic—GCOM offers agencies the reliability, flexibility and agility, as well as industry-leading capabilities they need to deliver a seamless experience for constituents, business owners, and government employees.


"The pandemic, economic recession and growing imperative for social equity have dramatically changed the state and local government landscape. Unprecedented increases in the demand for social safety net services, the enormous strain on digital services, budget shortfalls, issues with continuity of government in a work-from-home environment, and the need for greater community transparency present some of the greatest challenges state and local government will ever face," said Kamal Bherwani, CEO of GCOM. "As state and local government leaders leap forward in their cloud strategies, remote working capabilities, and approaches to digital engagement, it's clear that technology is crucial to addressing agencies' challenges, and GCOM is positioned to be the partner of choice to help them."


Prior to their acquisitions by GCOM, both Three Sigma Software and GANTECH were leading government solutions providers. An established software provider for the administration of the federal Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program, Three Sigma serves 11 states, 10 American Indian reservations and one U.S. territory. GANTECH is a leading provider of consulting and technical services to the State of Maryland, serving customers in IT systems management, application development, and project management. Together, Three Sigma Software and GANTECH will further bolster GCOM's existing solutions suite while enabling access to additional markets nationwide.


About GCOM


GCOM delivers innovative, tailored technology solutions to state and local governments nationwide, with a focus on modernizing legacy IT systems in the public health, social services, public safety, licensing and permitting, managed services and other enterprise software and solutions. Combining the resources and capabilities of a large systems integrator with the agility and accessibility of a tight-knit and nimble team, GCOM offers state and local government leading-edge, next-generation solutions to enhance operational performance and improve the constituent experience.

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