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GCOM isn’t your typical government solutions company. Our team is comprised of passionate innovators who think big, work hard, and who really care about making a difference. Making a difference just makes us feel good! And, we like to let it show. Whether it’s celebrating National Muffin Day (btw - it’s February 20th), after-work gatherings, or forming office teams, we like to have fun. We work hard and play hard! A career at GCOM is more than just a job — it’s an opportunity to make new friends and have fun while shaping the future of government.


Experience. Innovation.

Are you an innovator looking to make a difference in the way state and local governments serve their public? Or are you looking to leverage your experience to help a rapidly growing company thrive? Experience and Innovation is more than just our tagline. It’s how we roll. It’s how we’ve developed and deployed solutions that improve public access to social safety net services. And, we’re just getting started.



Whether it’s the family-like atmosphere that is the GCOM community or the communities where we do business, we take our commitment to the community very seriously. Recently, when the pandemic shifted GCOM employees to work-from-home, members of our GCOM community stepped up to support each other with posted challenges, videos, and really great advice! And then, there’s GCOMmunity, our employee-led philanthropic effort. From fund-raising to food drives – including our first-ever virtual food drive – to being there for community playground builds, GCOM represents.

Employee Testimonials

GCOM software is a fantastic place to work in. Coming from a typical manufacturing-based, an industrial company setting, I was initially cautious about what the transition would be like, but it ended up being the most meaningful and engaging place that I’ve ever worked in till the date. The high-tech, fun, fast-paced, and engaging environment are some of the perks.


Aunkita Ghosh

Business Analyst

GCOM’s employees work as a team. To date, my experience has been such that everyone is eager to collaborate. It’s something not often found in any company. I feel fortunate to be a part of this team.


Rodd Pedrotti

Technical Writer

GCOM gives me the opportunity to showcase my skills and talents. I enjoy working on government projects that impact citizens because I know my work has the potential to benefit others, and that I am giving back to the community. 


Christa Davis

Technical Writer
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