Outcomes through Analytics


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Thousands of mission-critical business questions go unanswered every day—not because they can't be answered, but because it would take too long to do so. So what could your organization accomplish if you could ask the right questions and get the answers you need—any time and every time?

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Enterprise Data Management

Never before have there been more challenges, questions, and decisions that hinge on managing and analyzing the unprecedented amount of data being collected and generated. However, turning data into better decisions is not a simple process. For years, the tangled web of transactional systems, changing requirements, and budgetary constraints have left a series of incompatible systems, unrelated business processes, and disparate data pools.

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Cross-Agency Data Sharing (CADS)

A critical component of any enterprise analytics program must be a comprehensive, interagency data-sharing framework. Government leaders across the United States trust Qlarion's Cross-Agency Data Sharing (CADS) solution. We develop secure, cloud-based, highly-scalable data sharing platforms that bring together data from all relevant agencies, local entities, and available external sources.

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Secure Data Enclave

Data sharing helps governments make more evidence-based decisions and better serve the public, but it introduces security risks that create hesitation from data owners. Ultimately, how can data owners be confident that proper security requirements are in place for all users authorized to access shared data?

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COVID Response and Recovery

The ability to share and analyze data is crucial in any emergency response. However, when COVID-19 struck, many federal, state, and local governments realized they lacked the data and analytics capabilities needed to take a data-driven response to the crisis. Our data-sharing framework unites previously siloed data from various state and local organizations to provide government leaders and community responders with the actionable, real-time insights needed to address COVID-19.

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Substance Use Disorder

Qlarion's Substance Use Disorder framework empowers state and local leaders with the insights they need to combat the epidemic of addiction disorders. Our framework delivers access to the type of cross-functional, high impact data and analysis needed to drive critical decisions as they respond to the opioid crisis and other complex challenges related to substance use and addiction.

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