State Government

Better data, deeper insights, stronger communities

Qlarion transforms the way states serve their citizens. Through a combination of internal analytical solutions and citizen-facing web applications, we help state governments improve service delivery, increase constituent satisfaction, reduce costs, and demonstrate the success of their initiatives.

The Secure Data Enclave


Enable cross-organization data sharing while maintaining data security.

COVID-19 Response


A customized, repeatable framework to keep constituents safe and informed.

Substance Use Disorder


Empower state and local leaders with the insights they need to combat the epidemic of addiction disorders.

Public Finance & Administration

State governments are under increased pressure to justify expenditures and use taxpayer dollars more efficiently. Qlarion helps state agencies improve customer service, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs by revolutionizing their operations through big data and analytics.

  • Optimize budget and spend analytics on core financial systems
  • Leverage workforce analytics for human capital management
  • Predict and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse
state education

State governments collect a wealth of information about students and schools–millions of data points that, once leveraged, could provide valuable insights for educators, policy makers, administrators, and government leaders. Qlarion's state analytics solutions harness this data and help education-related organizations make data-driven decisions that positively impact students' lives.

  • Proactively identify at-risk students to reduce drop out rate
  • Target university alumni for improved engagement and increased donations
  • Improve financial performance of K-12 schools

Qlarion's big data and analytics solutions provide government leaders with the insights they need to drive transportation projects forward. From environmental analyses of planned construction to improving statewide response to weather emergencies, Qlarion understands the nuances of transportation management at the state level and builds solutions that deliver results.

  • Measure real-time traffic impact of all active construction projects
  • Optimize assets during storm response and clean-up
  • Improve transportation permitting process
public health and social sevice
Public Health and Social Services

Qlarion transforms public health and social service agencies into data-driven organizations by injecting analytics into their business. Our solutions are designed to improve the quality of care, ensure access to care, and reduce healthcare costs while streamlining service delivery and resource allocation.

  • Predict and prevent opiate overdoses
  • Improve access to mental health resources
  • Drive down the cost of healthcare and social services
public safety
Public Safety

Qlarion's big data and analytics solutions transform public safety agencies' operations. Through predictive analytics, performance management, fleet tracking, and real-time insights, our programs can help public safety organizations with process improvement, crime prevention and management, resource allocation, and budgeting and finance.

  • Optimize police resources and reduce emergency service calls
  • Increase threat identification and prediction
  • Analyze employment trends to attract and retain top performers
Energy and Environment

The organizations that regulate and protect a state's energy sources and environment are closely tied to the entire state's economic performance. Qlarion arms these organizations with real-time insights so they can make the most informed decisions for the health of their state.

  • Optimize environmental clean-up resources
  • Increase efficiency in energy markets
  • Modernize systems and improve processes
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