Rent Regulation

What is Rent Regulation ?

  • Rent regulation has a long history, dating back to the early 1940’s when housing availability was increasingly low and economic factors from the war effort were impacting inflation.
  • Rent is governed by legal sanctions that include laws, statutes and regulations from various years. Over the past seven decades, rent regulation has shifted between federal, state and municipal jurisdictions. The conditions and regulations have changed over the years to address economic, political and social structures.
  • Currently, rent regulation is under the jurisdiction of the state.
  • Rent Stabilization and Rent Control
  • Rent Administration
    Is responsible for administering rent regulations covering privately owned buildings in the State. These regulations limit rent increases, require lease renewals, provide for the maintenance of services/repairs, allow for rent increases for apartment and building improvements and prevent harassment and unwarranted evictions.
  • Tenant Protection
    The Tenant Protection Unit seeks to achieve compliance with the laws and regulations for the Rent Stabilization and Rent Control Programs in the State and ensure that tenants rights are clear, understandable and protected through appropriate enforcement. The TPU will proactively seek opportunities to improve the ways in which the Rent Stabilization and Rent Control laws are observed.
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