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3SigmaSM WIC By the Numbers

  • participants
    Serves over 43% of the WIC participants nationwide
  • customers
    Serving 22 customers across 12 states
  • territory
    10 tribal territories
  • beneficiaries
    3 million WIC beneficiaries

GCOM's 3Sigma WIC solution enables WIC staff to provide efficient, effective services to WIC participants. Our applications meet 100% of the core requirements outlined by the USDA and support all current EBT provider and EBT messaging standards.

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With 3Sigma WIC, WIC beneficiaries can easily track their services and benefits no matter where they are.

Case Study: South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC)
South Carolina’s WIC beneficiaries are now able to better navigate their benefits, identify locations of the nearest WIC clinics, track their benefit balance, and more — in both English and Spanish. Since its debut in 2020, more than 25,000 participants have downloaded the WIC mobile more

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GCOM's 3SigmaSM WIC Software currently serves more than 43% of the WIC participants across 12 states and 10 Indian Tribal Organizations.


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South Carolina WIC Story

Since implementing the new eWIC program, the results have been significant — for both the eWIC management team and the families and individuals who have benefitted from the dramatic improvement in service quality.


It is a powerful digital application that supports WIC staff in their mission of providing efficient, effective services to WIC participants through its simplicity and ease of use.

Our broad base of customers includes California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virgin Islands, and the following Indian Tribal Organizations: Northern Arapaho, Rosebud Sioux, Santee Sioux, Standing Rock Sioux, Eastern Shoshone, Ute Mountain, Cheyenne River, Three Affiliated Tribes, Winnebago, and Omaha Nation.

3Sigma WIC uses state-of-the-art technology and experienced developers to tailor our WIC systems to offer the best solutions. As a result, the WIC application thrives by continually improving and delivering results centered around customer needs. Unlike other WIC software, 3Sigma WIC includes a mobile app to meet constituents wherever they are, whenever they need. Our apps ensure critical service delivery and the ability to access all our services and benefits at your fingertips.

A Program in Transition: Paper to Electronic

As the WIC program continues to evolve, the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Services (USDA FNS) provides oversight and direction, including the stated goal of transitioning WIC from a paper-based prescription to a card-based prescription. As such, the USDA FNS provides support to WIC state agencies in the planning, development, evaluation and implementation of WIC systems in order to help facilitate this transition from a paper to an electronic process

For years, South Carolina had been utilizing a legacy, state-built Management Information System (MIS) that housed multiple programs, including WIC, family planning, maternal childcare, and more. The legacy system served as the backbone of the state WIC program, enabling clinics to issue paper vouchers to beneficiaries and conduct internal reporting to a limited degree. However, over time the legacy system proved burdensome and inefficient, outpaced by the rate of technological transformation that has enabled opportunities for superior service across the public sector. It lacked the validations required for the data cleanliness expected of a modern system, hampering clinics’ abilities to monitor and utilize valuable program data they needed to better serve constituents. Furthermore, as a paper-based system that was not EBT-enabled, it made internal departmental processes inefficient and costly, and caused difficulties for countless mothers forced to manually keep track of paper-based vouchers.

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