GCOM Community Health Analytics

Where a person lives, learns, works, worships, and plays have more influence on health than medical care. One study estimated that the number of deaths in 2000 stemming from low education was comparable to the number of deaths from heart attacks, the leading cause of death in the US that year. 1 Going forward, public health efforts to prevent and mitigate communicable and chronic disease in the short and long-term require a syndemic (synergistically interacting epidemics) orientation harnessing all government assets.

By administering a wide range of programs and services, government is generating terabytes of data on established health risk factors each day. The GCOM Community Health Analytics solves three key challenges:

  1. Aggregating numerous health, socio-economic, environmental, behavior, and healthcare service data types that require complex statistical modeling to develop valid estimates.
  2. Integrating siloed data from multiples agencies and departments without changing data warehousing and storage infrastructure.
  3. Providing data in near real-time in actionable formats for internal and external stakeholders.
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GCOM Community Health Analytics is a dynamic and flexible data management platform with powerful data virtualization capabilities anchored by a domain-specific data model covering a range of public health data, including communicable and chronic disease surveillance, survey, environmental monitoring, social service, and healthcare utilization. The platform's user experience and visualization layer can be customized to different user profiles such as business owners, residents/visitors, government policy-makers, non-profits, community-based service providers, and researchers to prepopulate queries and visualizations frequently requested by each user type. Advanced query features allow users to easily explore data at several granularity levels by aggregating currently siloed information and slicing and dicing across multiple dimensions in a single screen. Evidence-based insights alongside visualizations explain how risk factors are linked to health status, helping users interpret the information.

GCOM Community Health Analytics


With current holistic information on diseases and risk factors, State and Local policymakers and service delivery managers can formulate and deploy targeted resources to efficiently tackle immediate health issues and continuously monitor impact in their communities. Residents, businesses, and visitors can find current information on communicable infectious diseases in their neighborhoods and plan appropriately.

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GCOM Community Health Analytics

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