Infrastructure Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

Many state organizations have an imminent need to modernize and re-platform a broad range of legacy state applications. Running on outdated legacy systems, these applications are substantially inefficient, expensive, and present high-security risks. Application Modernization is an established approach that helps customers leverage micro-services, serverless architecture, and containers to remove huge dependencies within products and create smaller and independently deployable components. Containers help modernize applications faster by bringing together everything an organization needs to run more efficiently — including products, services, and third-party applications. Organizations can take advantage of advanced cloud services such as DevOps and API framework to improve scalability, reliability, and cost-efficiency while adding new capabilities to their mission-critical software. Our solutions allow greater agility, faster innovation, quick and easy access to data leading to better decisions and value for customers.

Key Elements of Legacy Application Modernization

Organizations can choose application migration strategies depending on their priorities and the applications they want to migrate. Some common scenarios used to modernize legacy applications with cloud are:

 Cloud Infrastructure- based Application

 Cloud Optimized Applications

 Cloud-Native Applications

Application Modernizations provides organizations with some key benefits, such as

 Ability to optimize operations

 Gaining better operational insights

 Taking advantage of elastic resources

 Attaining significant cost savings

GCOM has a long track record of delivering desired business outcomes for our clients with a technically diverse team skilled in the latest technology architectures and delivery methods across people, process, and technology workstreams. GCOM's capabilities and expertise make it a unique partner for government organizations looking to modernize:


Domain Expertise

Our wealth of domain expertise across HHS, Justice and Public Safety, Licensing, and Regulations, and more enables us to offer state and local governments a tailored approach to digital transformation. By recognizing the nuances of different agencies' technology challenges, we help bridge the gap between legacy systems and next-generation solutions.



GCOM is tech-forward and always ahead of the curve. We are building on our excellent track record to innovate leading-edge solutions for state and local governments.


Future-Proofing Government

We make systems built to last. We're not only solving the problems agencies have today — we're setting up a system built for an unknown future, with the countless unknown challenges that may arise. Too often, when agencies discover a problem, they've already lost critical time and resources. We're not in the business of playing catch-up — we provide future-proofing solutions for both today and tomorrow.

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