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Child Support

As states start down the path of modernizing their legacy Child Support Enforcement systems, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a series of challenges, including impairment of court operations, increased number of families on public assistance, a commensurable increase in the volume of child support referrals, higher unemployment or impaired income, and an increase in modification requests. While Child Support system modernization has taken a back seat to Integrated Eligibility and Health solutions in recent years, states are now considering everything from just code conversion to full system replacement. The age of legacy Child Support systems and the increased needs imposed on these systems through the pandemic has put Child Support Enforcement systems into the HHS portfolio spotlight.


At GCOM, we work with states to create a roadmap that speaks to their unique needs. Transforming a legacy mainframe system operation to today's technology touches on every part of the agency's business operations. GCOM combines legacy systems modernization (including Cloud Migration and SaaS, PaaS, IaaS expertise) and deep experience as System Integrators to focus on delivering superior outcomes by understanding legacy business rules, legacy data, master data management, infrastructure transformations, stakeholder management, change management, testing, training, and implementation. We work with our clients to transform Child Support agencies into data-driven organizations by injecting analytics into their business. Our solutions are designed to improve the quality of caseworker activities and reduce costs while streamlining service delivery and resource allocation.


GCOM is committed to improving population well-being, addressing social inequity, and helping states realize their vision for creating  thriving, healthy communities. Understanding that each state is unique, GCOM is dedicated to meeting customers where they are to deliver what they need and innovating where we should, not just because we can. Our HHS Practice works with states to ensure technology serves the business and does not dictate how the business operates. There is no social service area where the motivation is greater than helping states serve children and families in need.

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