Health and Human Services

Child Welfare

The CCWIS (Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System) regulations have introduced multiple new approaches for States to modernize or replace their existing Child Welfare systems. Modular design, agile methodologies, COTS or platform leverage, Cloud services, and iterative procurements are important factors that can lead to faster solution deployment, more effective case management, and enhanced client and provider usability.

GCOM's mission is to help the government in creating healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities. This mission includes expertise in legacy business rules extraction, requirements definition, and application system modernization of the newest in Child Welfare technology solutions. GCOM's strong focus on improving outcomes by applying proven and leading-edge technologies combined with our years of experience gained through a partnership with government agencies provides our clients lower cost and timely implementations.

Meeting customers where they are to deliver what they need and innovating where they should keep GCOM grounded in its mission. NextGen Government is about improving population well-being, addressing social inequity, and allowing a thriving economy. This is what motivates GCOMers! There is no social service area where motivation is greater than helping states serve children and families in need.

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