Civitas Community Health Platform

The general public has become much more data-aware. Daily press briefings by government leaders have brought data front and center for an already tech-savvy nation. The public hunger for data demands factual, transparent, and digestible information regarding disease and health in their communities. And that public hunger for data can be your strongest tool in the ongoing management of the COVID-19 pandemic and the return to daily life.


GCOM Civitas Community Health Platform provides a powerful public-facing tool for monitoring community health and disease. GCOM CCHP provides the public with the data necessary to inspire consumer confidence or know when to be cautious and informs community service providers.


GCOM CCHP combines Epidemiology Data Management and data visualization to streamline the data management, statistical computing, and data visualization needed to provide your community with the accurate, timely information they need.

GCOM Community Health Monitoring Platform

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