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GCOM's CCH is a state-of-the-art, all-encompassing enterprise Computerized Criminal History Record Management System. It's a suite of business and technical services, built from the ground up using SOA principles to support the sequence of events in the Criminal Justice System defined by the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, provide a near-custom fit from a COTS product with minimal configuration. It helps organizations achieve desired business objectives such as uncompromised accountability, assured integrity, enhanced timeliness, and reliably complete information.


Provisioning Your System for Clean Slate Initiative Integration with GCOM


Clean Slate is a national, bipartisan movement advocating for the automatic clearing of criminal records for specific types of offenses. Under this model, non-violent offenders would have more opportunities to get a fair-paying job, purchase a home and contribute to their communities.


GCOM’s CCH has long supported the ability to process Seal Orders, Full & Partial Expungement Orders, and Petitions through electronic receipt of the order from the courts as well as the manual creation of a Seal or Expungement Workflow Case.  Our Clean Slate Rule Manager and the companion GCOM CCH Clean Slate Workflow processes provide a feature-rich, robust platform that can be configured to significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of a State's current Seal and Expunge processes.


Learn more about clean slate here: How the Right CCH Solution Can Power Your State's Clean Slate Initiative


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GCOM Computerized Criminal History

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