About COVID-19

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic presented to state and local government leaders the challenge of their lifetimes. Leading community recovery brings yet another set of challenges – from carefully monitoring community disease activity as communities return to daily life to dealing with an unprecedented wave of new applicants for social safety net programs and keeping government services running in a vastly different work environment. GCOM is here to help. With state and local government solutions including EpiQuery disease monitoring platform, health and human services solutions such as unemployment insurance and WIC, and virtualization of work and learning environments, GCOM is ready to address your most pressing challenges with innovative solutions.

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Remote Working and Learning

Ensuring continuity of government and education services in the face of a global pandemic is no small feat.

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GCOM Community Health Platform

The general public has become much more data-aware. Daily press briefings by government leaders have brought data front and center for an already tech-savvy nation

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Health and Human Services

Health and human services agencies are facing an unprecedented challenge. Never before has there been such an influx of applicants for social safety net programs. From unemployment insurance to WIC and TANF, a wave of new program applicants threatens to overwhelm programs and the systems that support them

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