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Digital Systems of Engagement

Today constituents expect more from their government and want the same convenient, personalized experience from government services as they do when planning a trip or ordering supplies online. It's no longer sufficient to bridge existing processes to the Internet or new mobile devices. Operational demands require leaders to produce more constituent value within tight budgets and protect against a growing spectrum of physical and cyber threats. GCOM, a solution innovator, is on the leading edge of delivering customer experiences, integrated resource centers, and service desk solutions into state government constituent digital services. We look at government services from the constituent's eye-view to meet today's tech-savvy generation's needs and expectations, be it citizens, service providers, employees, or anyone interacting with their government.

GCOM has delivered multiple projects covering all aspects of digital systems of engagement. Some notable examples include:

  • Provided a modern, multi-channel customer-focused system of engagement for consumers and businesses seeking access to a state's departments customer and regulatory service
  • Delivered a comprehensive portal for businesses to interact with all city agencies to make government more efficient and effective in helping businesses start, operate, and expand
  • Provided an innovative, engaging, and intuitive user experience to end-users while leveraging existing transactional, case management application for a licensing system; the portal was recognized as a great success by internal and external stakeholders for the greatly improved ease of use and significant improvement in performance
  • Built a one-stop licensing portal for business and professionals, including an omnichannel resource center that integrates a public-facing service desk into the core eLicensing system

Solution Innovator - Build Bold, Efficient Customer-Centric Portals & Print Application

Today’s citizens expect no lines, fast service anywhere and anytime, informative and easy customer experiences from the government - just like they get from Amazon, Uber, and Kayak

Digital System of Engagement - Solution Innovator
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