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GCOM FIRES is a next-generation NIBRS solution that can help state agencies accept and process the NIBRS submissions from the Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA's). The comprehensive solution has two key focus areas:

  • Inbound Submissions from LEAs to the State Agency: The FIRES solution evaluates and enforces the NIBRS Business Rules as defined by the FBI technical spec v 2019.1 on the incident submissions and stores incidents that pass the edits.
  • Outgoing Submissions from State Agency to the FBI: FIRES generates the compliant FBI NIBRS Flat File by consolidating all the incident details received by the state for the reporting period. This file is securely transmitted to the FBI for reporting the state's monthly crime statistics.
GCOM Soteria FIRES - Next-generation NIBRS Work Flow



  • Accepts incoming NIBRS submissions in XML format with the flexibility to add/update/delete values for the enumerated list
  • Non-invasive integration with legacy systems, regardless of platform and technology
  • Facilitates less than 4% error rate
  • CJIS compliant
  • Configurable – state-specific crime statistic requirements can be applied to the incoming submissions
  • Supports incident submission in minutes
  • Dashboard to quickly monitor status and alerts
  • Offers advanced reporting capability.

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