Health and Human Services

Grants Management

The GCOM Grants Management capabilities utilize centralized platform technologies with CRM, Case Management, and Grants Management features. Our approach leverages out-of-the-box data models, workflows tailored made for public sector grants management, and low custom code to speed time to deployment and provide seamless integration with future platform releases. Our approach, which is focused on configuration over customization, supports the agency's future needs and avoids vendor lock-in.

GCOM provides a business partner that brings deep experience in grants management and Health and Human Services, Public Safety, and Regulatory Management. Our approach combines our grant management expertise, deep and relevant industry domain experience with configurable cloud-hosting leveraging out-of-the-box platform capabilities. It is adaptable to the emerging grants management requirements associated with the American Recovery Plan Act as well as other funds tracking and grants management needs. We believe that leveraging GCOM's platform-based Grants Management capabilities will provide an industry-standard and easily configurable technology solution that provides timely and economical implementation and operational support to a wide variety of program business requirements.

GCOM offers many Grants Management Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support options from 24/7 Help Desk Support to supplemental development support. These services can be added and coordinated to provide an appropriate level of support for our Grants Management solution.

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